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Quick look: Reader’s Digest App for iPad

I am one of those people who loves to read. Back in the day I loved the smell of books from the library, magazines from the newsstand, encyclopedia volumes in our home library. My mother would hoard past issues of various magazines and periodicals, refusing to throw them out for years and years (!).

Times are a-changing. Every self-respecting magazine publisher now has an app version of their formerly printed product and most have opted for a pay-per-issue type system, often with a sample issue to whet your apetite and to let you know what you’re getting from your cash. While I remember the olden days of physical reading material quite fondly, I’ve resolved to place myself firmly in the present and accept the new formats. Thus I decided to download Reader’s Digest and see if I could adapt my reading habits and love the iPad issue as much as I once loved the print version. Continue reading

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