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Microsoft’s Andromeda May Be Delayed or Killed Off Entirely, and That is Unfortunate

Foldable phones are the next big thing, according to many in the tech press. This is one of those product categories like AR Headsets- they are perpetually 6-12 months around the corner. If you ask Mike Elgan, Microsoft’s foldable Surface device, reportedly codenamed Andromeda, is poised to take over the world and make the iPad and other tablets irrelevant. Well, I don’t make a habit of listening a guy who still insists that Google Glass was a success, and that Apple got the smartwatch all wrong by not focusing on the enterprise market before targeting consumers for advice on where the mobile technology puck is headed next.

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Off Topic: Streaming from the Wallet- Cord Cutting is Starting to Cost Everyone More

If we aren’t at the tipping point yet, we are getting close

I’m probably not unlike many other American soccer fans, in that my introduction to European “football” was through EA Sports’ venerable FIFA franchise. I started playing years ago, after my interest in the more competitive side of the sport was piqued during the 1994 World Cup, which was hosted here in the United States.

A few years later, I bought my first copy of FIFA for the PC, and was introduced to the expansive world of European Club Football. There were hundreds of teams spread out in leagues all across the continent, loaded with some players who’s names I knew from my World Cup watching, but many more who I had never heard of.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Deputy Dog

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it. Hope you all have a great, relaxing day and long weekend.

I’m thankful for so many things today and in general. For health and happiness. For my beautiful and wonderful wife. For my amazing daughter who surprises us every day with her knowledge, her passion for learning, and just her enjoyment of all the world around her. For my immense good fortune in finding a great new IT consulting gig – a job I love and that still leaves me with time to devote to this site. For having ended up in Austin, the finest town anywhere in the world. For the Cowboys being not quite as terrible as last year. And so much more.

My big Deputy Editor Dog was hugely thankful for a Ginger Man healthy treat I was about to give him when I took the pic above with the new Retina iPad mini. Now he has mostly forgotten his thankful feelings and is primarily concerned with looking out for more treats.

Hope you all have lots to be thankful for today too.

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Off Topic: No Posts Today

I won’t be publishing any normal posts here today.

I’ve had some very bad news about a close friend who tried to take their life yesterday, and I am doing what little I can from a long way away to help out.

Back tomorrow.

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Deputy Editor Dawg – Enjoying Presidents’ Day

Baz and Ball 1

Perfect ending to a holiday Monday here. My daughter invented a new game called ‘Nose Ball’ and apparently my big Deputy Editor pal is aces at it.

It’s a simple game. We throw a big silly ball in the air somewhere in the region of Deputy Editor’s head and he makes like a trained seal and noses or head butts the heck out of it and sends it flying. He enjoyed it big time and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Hope you all are having a great Monday too. I’ll be back to normal iPad posting service in the morning.

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year. 2012 felt like it went by in a flash – and it was an eventful year for iPad owners and fans. We saw the release of a new iPad 3, the lovely little iPad mini, and the unexpected iPad 4 alongside the mini in November.

We also saw the iPad operating system updated to iOS 6 with a slew of new features.

2013 should be another action-packed year for the iPad. It now faces more and perhaps stiffer competition from Android tablets and others. There’s speculation that Apple is ramping up its refresh cycle for the iPad too – so we may see a 6 month refresh cycle rather than the one year cycle they initially followed. That might result in a new iPad 5 and / or new iPad mini release in the March April period.

I’m excited about the new year, for a number of reasons. Here’s wishing all of you health, happiness and success this coming year.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US.

I’ve got tons to be thankful for this year. A great family, work I enjoy doing, great friends online and offline, living in the best town anywhere in the world, Austin, and lots more.

Hope you all have much to be thankful for as well and are enjoying the holiday with family and friends.

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Quick DE Dawg Update: Back to Himself

DE Dawg on the Mend

Many of you were so kind when I posted last week about my big pal, the Deputy Editor Dawg, and his surgery to remove an object that was lodged in his intestine. Thanks very much for all your comments and concern.

So I thought I’d offer a short final update on his status. This morning I removed his cone of shame and he gave a huge head shake and rubbed his head all over me. His incision area has healed up very nicely and is nice and clean. He’s got his appetite back and I’d say he’s back up to about 80% of his normal self.

He needs 5 more days of bed rest and then we can get back into our normal routine of long morning walks and chasing tennis balls in the evening. Basically, he’s happy and just about back to his old self.

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Deputy Editor Dawg Update – Conehead


Apologies for another off topic post, but after all the kind words I received yesterday about my big pal the Deputy Editor Dawg I thought I’d offer a short update on his status.

His surgery went very well and the vet says he’s strong as an ox. They removed a good-sized chunk of a ball from his intestine successfully. Running after a ball is his big obsession in life (outside of his editing duties of course) but he has never been one for chewing them up at all – so I’m convinced this was an accident when he was just savoring a ball he’d chased down.

He was pretty beat up when he came home after surgery yesterday evening – groggy and with eyes full of pain, which is always so tough to see. He was creaky and strained and not enjoying movement at all, especially with the horrible cone on to prevent him licking his patched up areas. The vet said he would be much, much better today – and sure enough this morning he woke up with a far more lively attitude and a wonderful shine back in his eyes.

He’s got a few days of very light food intake and two weeks of bed rest ahead of him and then, barring any complications, he should be back to his big,strong self.

Thanks so much to all of you who had kind words about him yesterday!

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Awww, Cat Loves iPad

Cats Love iPad

OK, laugh at me if you like – but this image of a cat cuddled up with an iPad instantly made the email it came in my favorite PR approach of the day. That’s just too cute – and I’m not even a ‘cat guy’, much more of a Labrador / dog guy.

The photo was included in an email promoting an iOS game called SubCat. There’s an iPad version called SubCat HD, and the game’s elevator pitch goes like so:

At it’s core, SubCat’s gameplay is very simple: Wipe away the fog on your screen to reveal the depths of the ocean, as well as different fish and items that dwell there. Then, try to catch and click on the items you’ve been asked to catch before your time runs out.

I’m not sure if I’ll end up trying the game out, but I can safely say that the cute cat pic kept the approach email out of the Gmail trash folder this morning.

Now if I could just train our cat to treat iPads this way. His current favorite way to interact with the iPad is to walk all over it at every opportunity.

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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US.

I’m thankful today for good health, my wonderful family and friends, living in awesome Austin, our loving pets, the fact that my wife and I both have work at jobs we enjoy, and so much more.

I hope all of you have a great day with family and friends and football.

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