Say Hi to New iPad Insight Store: Exclusive Deals on Great iOS Apps & Accessories

iPad Insight Deals

Today is an exciting day for iPad Insight. It’s the launch day for the shiny new iPad Insight Deals section. Our very own on-site store offering exclusive deals on tons of cool and trending iPad and iOS apps and accessories.

To help mark the store’s opening day, we’ve got a sweet offer of 3 months free use of the Blinkist app – that promises to bring you the key insights from non-fiction books presented in 15 minutes per title. Check that one out here:


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Ironic: Look Who Advertises on iPad Insight

Microsoft Surface ad

Oh the irony. As I’ve been flipping though the pages of iPad Insight on Flipboard over the last couple of weeks I couldn’t help but notice shiny new ads from one particular company.

That would be Microsoft. They’ve run ads for Xbox, for their cloud services, and even for that handsome fella at the top of this post. None other than the Surface 2 RT.

Have to say, that made me smile.

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iPad Insight on iPad & Mobile – Refreshed

iPad Insight Mobile

As some of you may have already noticed, the iPad Insight mobile theme used on iPad just got a major refresh. The lovely folks at Onswipe rolled out the changes yesterday and I’m very happy to see this live.

Here’s a few of the notable improvements with this refresh:

– Faster page load times – because that’s just always a good thing.

– Support for more mobile devices. Right now it is optimized for iPad and iPhone running iOS 6 and higher and Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

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Keep Up with iPad Insight on Your Favorite Social Networks

iPad Insight Facebook Page

If you enjoy visiting iPad Insight for iPad app and accessory reviews, tips & tricks, and insight on all things iPad, then I hope you may also want to get engaged with us on your favorite social networks. If so, here are some of the best places to follow us:

Facebook: Comment on our posts and give us a Like when you have a chance.

Twitter: Tweet us about your favorite iPad apps, review suggestions or anything else iPad related that’s on your mind.

Google+: See our latest posts and talk to us on my favorite social network.

You can also check out our subscribe to our feed via your favorite RSS reader, or our YouTube channel, or become an email subscriber to the site vie the link in the site’s footer area.

Hope some of these are interesting for you and look forward to talking about the iPad with you.

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iPad Insight: Now in 82 Languages!

iPad Insight Translated

iPad Insight is now available in 82 languages. We’ve just enabled a new plugin that translates the site with just a couple of clicks – which we hope will make it far more helpful for many of our readers around the world.

This is something I’ve wanted to get done for a long while. I know from watching site statistics that we have a large number of visitors from non-English speaking nations and I’m very glad that we’ve now made iPad Insight far more user-friendly for all of you.

I hope you enjoy our iPad app an accessory reviews, iPad tips and tricks, and insight on all things iPad in your own language.

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Happy 2014

Well, there goes another year.I know it’s a well-worn cliché, but Boy did 2013 fly by. It was another great year for the iPad too. We had to wait an awfully long time for them, but we got two impressive new iPad models – the iPad Air that brought the best of the iPad mini […]

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Follow Us – for More iPad Insight

OK, heads up – if you’re veteran reader here you can skip right over this post and carry on as normal. If you’re newer visitor here though I hope you’ll read on. Maybe you’re already browsing our archives a little and discovering all the iPad app reviews, iPad accessory reviews, iPad tips and tricks, our […]

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iPad Insight – Easy To Get More

Happy Saturday. This is just your friendly monthly reminder on all the easy ways there are to follow and engage with your favorite neighborhood iPad site. Whether you’re new here or a veteran reader I hope you’re already browsing our archives a little and discovering all the iPad app reviews, iPad accessory reviews, iPad tips […]

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