(Sponsor) MOBiLE CLOTH – A Revolution Against Fingerprints


If you are a new iPad user or a seasoned veteran you are very aware of the constant fingerprints and smudges clouding up your beautiful “retina” display. MOBiLE CLOTH is easiest, fastest, safest solution. A few swipes with our unique cloth and your screen will look like it just came out of the box! Patrick J. of iPadinsight.com included MC in a top ten accessory list. Canada’s largest iPhone/iPad blog exclaimed “it’s the best cleaning cloth I’ve ever used” and Beatweek Magazine gave MC “5 out of 5” stars.


enter: ipadinsight

at check out and receive a FREE nano 2 pack ($9.99 value) and Free Shipping on all orders over $17

limited time offer, cannot be used for custom product, free shipping USA only

– MOBiLE CLOTH is celebrating it’s 4th anniversary this month. It all started right here with our very first unbiased product review by Patrick J. and ever since then we have been proud, long time supporters of iPad Insight which gave us “unknowns” a shot… Since then Mobile Cloth has been positively reviewed many times in many languages, in some of the most popular magazines and blogs around the world, and is now available for sale in over 15 countries! So THANKS AGAIN, we will never forget it…

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Sponsor: Adjustable wooden iPad stands: TUBLET for your bathtub – TOPLET for your desk

TUBLET and TOPLET iPad Stands

Fine Craftsmanship from rainy Northern Germany meets modern technology from sunny California. High-grade materials and flawless manufacturing ensure an appealing surface feel. Our elegant iPad holders always offer you an optimum view on your iPad due to the multiple angle feature. Small cutouts within the holding arms of the stand allow for optimum sound from the iPad speakers while in the stands.

TUBLET is a combination of the words bathTUB and tabLET. The neologism illustrates the purpose of the wooden iPad stand as a „bathtub surfboard“. Watch movies on your iPad while taking a relaxing bath, listen to music or read about breaking iPad-news at iPadInsight.com.

If you‘ve guessed that the word TOPLET combines the words deskTOP and tabLET you‘re absolutely right. You can use it for cooking in the kitchen, working in the office or playing online poker in the living room. Do you own a local retail store? Check out TOPLET to enhance your product presentation.

Our attractively designed iPad stands are handmade with love and available for the iPad generations 2, 3, Retina, Air and Air 2. If you‘re looking for something unique or a perfect Christmas present for an enthusiastic iPad user you should definitely visit our Etsy-Shop.

As a friend of iPadInsight.com you save 10% by using the following coupon code: HEISENBERG.


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(Sponsor) Electric Slide: Makes Wireless Presenting from iPad & iPhone Easy


Tired of having to lug your laptop and thumb drives along every time you have to make a presentation? Electric Slide lets you control your Powerpoint or Keynote slides, documents, and videos, on any web browser, TV, or projector, with just your iPad or iPhone.

Type a simple url into a browser and present wirelessly from your iOS device or broadcast to a nearby Apple TV with AirPlay. Electric Slide syncs your files to your device so you can even present when you’re offline—just plug directly into a projector and you’re good to go.

iPad Insight calls Electric Slide “the best presentation tool I’ve seen for the iPad.” Get it free on the App Store today!

iPad Insight Review: http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-app-reviews/electric-slide-wirelessly-present-from-ipad-to-anywhere-no-cables-or-airplay-needed/

Electric Slide in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/electric-slide/id570749705

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Mobile Cloth

Thanks to Mobile Cloth, sill my favorite way to keep my iPad screen clean, for being a site sponsor again this week.

Check out the great video above, done by my friend and colleague Thomas Wong, to see how effective these are.

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Sponsor: Mobile Cloth: Fast…Faster…Fastest!!!


Like a finely tuned race car MOBiLE CLOTH cleans your iPad FAST! With a few swipes dry or damp you will see your retina display in all it’s glory again! Did you know that MC removes up to 98% of germs with no chemicals? That’s right, your touchscreen harbors more germs than a toilet seat but with MOBiLE CLOTH your cleaning your display thoroughly every time helping to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Mobile Cloth is washable, durable, and will last for years!
“5 out of 5 stars” – Beatweek Magazine
“Magic Cloth” – MacMagazine Brazil
“Awesome” –anonymous

An Exclusive offer for iPadinsight readers receive a Free nano 5 Pack ($15.99 value) and Free Shipping ($2.99 value)  with the purchase of any 5 or 7 Pack

mobilecloth.com   use promo code: FREE5

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Sponsor: Grungy iPad Screen, Read On

Mobile Cloth is extending this offer due to high demand! MOBiLE CLOTH wants you to be happy with your iPad and other devices. With a few swipes dry or damp you will see your retina display in all it’s glory again! Did you know that MC removes up to 98% of germs with no chemicals? […]

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Sponsor: Us+U iPad Cases

The Swivel Pro (2 Panel) is the perfect solution for both the casual iPad user and the hardcore pro user. It’s the only portfolio style case on the market that freely rotates 360º in either direction. This baby fits the iPad2, iPad3 and iPad4. iPAD INSIGHT READERS GET REWARDED. The World’s most functional iPad case […]

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