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Terminology App for iPad


My thanks to Agile Tortoise and their excellent Terminology app for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

Terminology (App Store link) is described as ‘a browser for the English language. Part dictionary and part thesaurus’ and it’s an extremely useful tool to have on the iPad.

I did a review of Terminology when it first came out and this was part of my sum-up on it:

Terminology is an instant favorite for me on the iPad.  It ticks off all the right boxes – a good, clear purpose, great design, and a pleasure to use.

The app has remained a favorite and a constant on my second home screen on the iPad. I’m happy to have these guys as a sponsor.

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Sponsor Thanks: iSay-uSay


My thanks to iSay-uSay for being our site RSS sponsor this week.

Here’s a little slice of the App Store description for this simple and fun game:

iSay-uSay is the frenzied game of fast talking, quick thinking and fast guessing.

iSay-uSay offers unparalleled customization and truly takes Party Games to a whole new level!
The game is based off the popular Catch Phrase game on steroids, by adding up to 10 players in a game, life time stats, unlimited words and categories, a permanent Player Library, incredible graphics, contextual help, category create/edit/delete… thats right, YOU get total control over the entire library!!, a simple to use category import/export utility making it super simple to exchange categories with other users, and so much more!

My favorite thing about this game is that it lets you create your own categories. My family and I have had lots of fun with this game, and with new categories we’ve created that cover my daughter’s favorite subjects.

Here’s an App Store link for iSay-uSay; it’s priced at $0.99.

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Sponsor Thanks – FX Photo Studio HD


My thanks to MacPhun and their excellent FX Photo Studio HD iPad app for sponsoring the site’s RSS feed this week.

FX Photo Studio HD is one of the best photo effects apps for the iPad, with over 190 effects to use. It gets regular updates and is now at version 4.0 – so it’s continually adding features. It was one of my choices for Best Photo Editing Apps for iPad as well.

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Sponsor Thanks – Mobile Cloth and the New MC Nano


My thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring our RSS feed this week.

Mobile Cloth are the folks who provide the best microfiber cleaning cloths for the iPad (and other touchscreen devices) that I’ve seen. The MC Nano is their new, compact 4” X 4” that’s super handy for having around when you’re on the go with the iPad.

There’s a special offer for iPad Insight readers on offer right now as well: Enter the promo code “Patrick” (without the quote marks) in the “comments to seller” upon check to receive a free MC Nano 2-pack with all orders over $9.99. (that’s on top of the free 1-pack with all 4-pack or 6-pack orders.

Check them out here:

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Thanks to Macphun, This Week’s RSS Feed Sponsor


My thanks to Macphun, sponsors of the site’s RSS feed for this week.

Macphun are the makers of FX Photo Studio HD,the superb image editing app for the iPad, and FX Photo Studio for the iPhone, and now FX Photo Studio for the Mac. These apps offer well over 100 different photo effects, and all combine great ease of use with powerful features.

The Mac version was just released this past weekend and looks just as good as its iOS siblings.

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(Sponsor Thanks) Mobile Cloth – Keeping Your iPad Screen Clean


Thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring our RSS feed this week. Mobile Cloth produce the best micro fiber cleaning cloths for the iPad (and other touchscreen devices) that I’ve seen. Until I saw these and tried them out, I had thought all these type of cleaning cloths were pretty much the same – not anymore.

Right now, Mobile Cloth have got a special offer for iPad Insight readers, to go along with our recent site name change – you get a free 2pack (normally $5.99) with any purchase of a 4 or 6 pack. Check the offer out HERE.

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Thanks to Our Sponsor – 20% Off Your iPad Protection


My thanks again to Ghost Armor for sponsoring the site’s RSS feed this week. I’ve used Ghost Armor to protect my original iPad and now my iPad 2, and have been hugely impressed with them. My original iPad is still in pristine condition and none of my friends can even tell its got any screen protection on it. The product is great and if you’re lucky enough to have a Ghost Armor kiosk near you, their installations are excellent too.

Check them out here:

And use the code “iPadBlog” to receive 20% off your order!

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Thanks to this Week’s Sponsor: Ghost Armor


My thanks to this week’s sponsor of the site’s RSS feed – Ghost Armor.

Ghost Armor provide excellent screen protection for the iPad and iPad 2, and iPhones and many other mobile devices. I discovered them last year and had front and back covers for my original iPad installed at one of their kiosk locations outside my closest local Apple store. That iPad – now handed down to my brother – still looks great and you can still barely tell it has any screen protection in use.

I recommended Ghost Armor last year, and shared my excellent experience with their install process. One of the first things I did with my iPad 2 last month was to get it covered again by Ghost Armor.

If you’re like me and you want help getting screen protectors for your iPad installed, check to see if you’ve got a Ghost Armor location near you and let them do it for you. For general info on locations and to order protection for your devices, check out their site here:

Oh – and better still – you can use the code ‘iPadBlog’ to save 20% on your order.

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Mobile Cloth – Bringing the Big Clean to Your iPad Screen (Sponsor Thanks)


My thanks again to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring the site’s RSS feed this week.

Mobile Cloth is the best microfiber cleaning cloth I’ve seen for the iPad, iPhone and mobile devices. Before I tried them out, I really never imagined being excited at all about a microfiber cloth. They are not one of the most glamorous of iPad accessories, but they’re definitely among the most used for me.

You can see details on them and place an order at the Mobile Cloth home page.

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Thanks to Mobile Cloth, This Week’s Feed Sponsor



Big thanks to Mobile Cloth for sponsoring our RSS feed this week. Until I got a chance to try out Mobile Cloth I always thought one microfiber cloth was pretty much the same as any other. Within a couple minutes of using these my view had changed completely.

Mobile Cloth makes it much easier and quicker to get your iPad screen looking great and free of smudges and fingerprints. Apologies for my lousy photos above, but hopefully they give you a little bit of the Before and After effect of a quick use of Mobile Cloth on the iPad.

If your iPad or iPhone needs a good clean, you can give these guys a look here:

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Thanks to This Week’s RSS Sponsor: Mobile Cloth


I’ve just recently started doing RSS feed sponsorship here on JAiB. My goal with the feed sponsorship is to have lots of good sponsors whose products, whether they’re iPad apps or accessories, I feel good about endorsing.

Happily, one of our first new feed sponsors is Mobile Cloth. These are the folks who make a microfiber cleaning cloth for the iPad and iPhone and other mobile devices that is simply the best one I’ve seen. It even prompted me to do a review post asking how excited I’m allowed to be about a microfiber cloth

If you own an iPad you know that it’s a magnet for smudges and fingerprints. Mobile Cloth gets your screen clean and smudge-free easier and quickly. So even though it’s not the most glamorous of iPad accessories, it’s one of my favorites.

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