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Normal X-Rays and Real Cases


Normal X-Rays and Real Cases is a brand new iPhone & iPad app designed for medical students and clinicians. It’s a quick reference app that contains 2000+ high resolution x-rays that can be used for comparison while interpreting x-rays.

It has three major types of content:

  1. Labeled X-Rays: a comprehensive set of labeled x-rays from head-to-toe. A complete radiographic atlas of human anatomy. Excellent for studying and reviewing regions of the body such as the head & neck, chest, spine, abdomen & pelvis, shoulders, and all extremities.
  2. Normal X-Rays: a collection of high-resolution normal x-rays (aka plain films). With 600+ studies, this collection has examples from paediatric x-rays to seniors. It covers all regions of the bodies with countless examples to compare to.
  3. (new) Cases: the recent introduction of Cases has added a whole new depth to the app. Cases cover pathologies from fractures to pneumonia with detailed descriptions of the initial report, to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. The growing set of real cases show x-rays of the patient on day 0 and follow-up x-rays until the patient has recovered.

The app is designed for clinical usage so it’s fast, reliable, detailed, and easy to navigate.

The reference X-rays you want.


Available any time.

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proKeyboard, New app for Professional iPad Users


Prokeyboard it’s a complete multilingual typing keyboard. It has many features designed specifically for iPad intensive professional users like:

– Advanced gestures for faster typing.
– Thesaurus to improve your writing.
– A complete math keyboard with symbols, a big numpad, subscripts, superscripts and Greek alphabet.
– Embedded calendar.
– Editable common phrases panel.
– Emoji toolbar.
– Editable user lexicon.
– 9 vibrant styles and two different layouts.
– Split layout.

Apart from the previous features, one of the most interesting characteristic is the physical keyboard layout, with numbers on the top row, and an ALT key to access to special characters and the keyboard functions.

For people with big hands there is also an upgraded ios-like layout with al the man features, the alt key, and a quick access to the #+= symbols.

Let’s now describe with more detail some of the main features of this keyboard.

First, the layout, it’s amazing how many thing can fit in this keyboard without looking overloaded. With one click, you have access to numbers, your favorite emojis, and all the symbols you are used to with your windows or mac desktop keyboard.

If you need it you can also have cursor arrows just by swiping over the alt key … But I Prefer to have the keyboard more clean and usually have them hidden.

The multilingual typing feature it’s very impressive, it accept six simultaneous languages. Sometimes it works even better than the apple multilingual typing feature.

With this features activated, and the emojis toolbar, you don’t really need to have activated more keyboard on iOS settings panel. One of the things I didn’t liked of the iOS keyboard is that, if you have more than one language, you have to go thought all of the keyboards to show the emoji keyboard.

The emoji toolbar it’s also very useful. It has 60 emojis accessible by one click and it’s completely customizable. Just press slightly the emoji and a new big panel will open with all the emojis for you to select.

If you need uncommon emoji, you can always show the complete emoji panel by swiping up on the favorites toolbar, or by click on alt+o.

Another interesting feature are the gestures. All the keyboard it’s flooded with them. The most used it’s the “swipe down to delete the last word”. Once you use this gesture for more than two days it become completely natural, to the point that I can’t use no more the default iOS keyboard. Another helpful gestures are swipe left to delete last sentence, swipe left to undo, press during 0.5 second on any key to see special characters like subscription or superscript of the key, swipe left on the alt key to show/hide cursor arrows, swipe down no any toolbar to hide… And many more.

If you want to insert a date, or simply need to see the calendar, you can open the calendar panel by tapping alt+m. Once opened the panel you tap on the day you want and the keyboard will insert the date. To select the date format simply press during 1 second the day and it will show you four different formats.

PROKEYBOARD has many more features, a good settings panel, and works without “full access” so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

In short, PRO KEYBOARD is one of the best keyboard available on the apple store. It’s clear that it has been designed with care and with professional users in mind. It’s very complete, yet really easy to use. It’s definitely a good buy.

Personal Bio

I’m a civil engineer from Spain working in Westinghouse Nuclear. During my free time I’ve been developing this keyboard. I started this app by necessity. I write very fast and hated a new feature of the ios keyboard. When you type with two fingers, all the sentence is selected, and if you write very quick you type the next letter without nothing it and delete the complete phrase .. Very frustrating.

Raul Monterroso Cabello
Madrid (Spain)

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Recover Deleted Data from iPad and iPhone Without Backup


How to recover deleted photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp, notes from iPad without backup


Our iPads hold so much data. From Music, photos, videos, contacts, text messages and so much more. As much as we like to store information on our iPads, we also inherently understand that the data could be lost at any time. Data loss is a risk we take every time we use the iPad and it can happen for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for data loss is usually accidental deletion although it can happen for a whole host of other reasons. There are times when even a software update can cause data loss.

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3 Examples of Major Data Breaches and How Your IT Company Can Avoid Falling Victim


Hacker typing on a laptop

Even though the internet has done a tremendous job with linking many people together, there are also many different things that you also need to think about as well. Just like how roads made travel easier for people hundreds of years ago but then also brought forth enemies on those very roads, you have to be aware of the problems that can come when you transfer more of your information and data online. A few of the major data breaches that have occurred recently should show exactly what you should and what you should not be doing to protect your organization from being next on the list.

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Review of AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder


If you are a user of an iPhone or an iPad, you would be pretty familiar with the fact that there comes a need of recording the screen activity quite often. There may be a number of different reasons behind recording your iPhone’s screen. You might want to do it for making some kind of tutorials, for recording some streaming videos, for recording video calls with your loved ones or for gameplay only.

There are a few applications that allow us to record the activity on our iPhone’s screen. iPhone Screen Recorder is one of these apps that come in very handy when you want to record your iPhone/iPad screen.  It’s a computer software (Win/Mac) that has the feature of connecting wirelessly to your iPhone using AirPlay. After the iPhone is connected to your PC, it shows you a mirror of your iOS display on your computer screen. The detailed review of iPhone Screen Recorder is discussed in the coming paragraphs.

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Optimize Your iDevice Space and Improve Performance: iMyfone Umate

How to recover space for your iPad: Clean junk and temporary files, clear app caches/cookies, compress photos losslessly

iMyfone large logo

Have you had the problem where iPad keeps prompting “insufficient memory”? When you install Apps, store photos or play games, iPad repeatedly prompts not you there isn’t enough space. What can you do? Deleting old photos or Apps might not be the best solution for you. Actually, your iOS accumulates many junk, cache files, corrupted files and other redundant and irrelevant data over time you use your iPad, which eats up huge space that you might never notice. Also those data are usually the main culprit for slowing down your iDevices. Wiping off those hidden data on your iPad thoroughly will free up a lot of storage and while your iPad gets refreshed.

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Track is a Time Tracking APP Any Normal Human Can Use

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.02.23 AM

Some people just want the simplest possible tool for the job. When it comes to tracking your time, Track – Simple Time Tracking & Invoicing is that simple tool.

With Track, you can start tracking your time in less than a few seconds. You simply create a task, start it, and let the timer run until you are finished.

Most other tools would make you:

  • Create an account
  • Setup projects
  • Setup task categories
  • Manage clients
  • Figure out an hourly rate

Track is unique because it lets you get down to business right away. It doesn’t want to sign you up for some spammy email list, and it doesn’t care about your street address or grandmother’s friends. Track is a simple tool that helps you stay productive.

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