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Even iPhone (Retina) Apps Look Better on the New iPad

Google  on New iPad

Here’s a little extra good news about apps and the new iPad’s lovely new retina display: even iPhone apps (those that are retina apps) now look miles better on the iPad.

I don’t have too many iPhone apps on my iPad, but there are a small handful – including Google+ (shown above) and Quora and a few others. These are now using their retina version in both 1X and 2X mode on the iPad and they’re looking much sharper of course.

Now if Google+ would just bring out a proper iPad version so I can use it in landscape mode too I’d be a happier camper.

Hat tip to everythingiCafe forum member Tinman for starting a thread on this.

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The Box Just Says iPad

iPad Box

When the third-gen iPad was announced by Apple on March 7, it was referred to throughout the event as ‘the new iPad’. That has caused a fair amount of comment and confusion, given that the previous gen model is the iPad 2, and of course the original iPad was just the iPad.

I have to admit I felt ore than a little surprised initially by the fact that this latest gen iPad was not called the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. Once I’d had some time to digest the event though, it made more sense to me, given that Apple’s computers don’t have numbers used in their naming convention. There’s no MacBook Pro 3 or MacBook Air 2. Cars are not given new numbers each year – we don’t talk about the Honda Accord 6 or the Ford F150 7. So in general it makes sense for this just to be the iPad, although it is made somewhat more awkward because the naming convention is being adopted after having a generation that used the number 2 in its name.

In any case, for anyone who was still wondering what the actual name of Apple’s latest tablet is, the packaging for it makes it clear it is just iPad. As you can see above in the photo of the box, there’s no ‘new’ – it’s just iPad.

I’ve been referring to the new iPad quite a lot since March 7, and now I’ll gradually work towards just calling it the iPad, or the 2012 iPad once we get a little farther away from its launch.

In the what’s in a name spirit of things, I hope any of you who got one are enjoying your iPad / new iPad / shoulda been iPad 3 tablet. :)

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App Updates for New iPad Retina Display Coming Thick & Fast Now

iPad App Updates for Retina Display

The amazing new retina display is the headline feature of this year’s new iPad. I’ll post some first impressions on the new iPad later this weekend, but for now suffice to say the display is as good as advertised.

Over the last couple days the pace of updates to iPad apps to support the new retina display has increased, a lot. And a lot of leading titles have issued updates over the last 24 hours or so. Some of the ones I’ve noticed include:

Flipboard – this was already a flagship iPad app with a gorgeous UI – it looks even better today.

iA Writer – one of the cleanest, best apps for pure writing on the iPad. Yes, the retina display makes text so much sharper and nicer to work with, and this app shows that off nicely.

The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper. So far its issue downloads don’t seem much slower after the retina update. I’ll see about the storage space it uses soon.

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My New iPad Screen: Protected

Ghost Armor Install

The first thing I did with my lovely new iPad, right after walking out the door of the Apple store with it, was get its spectacular new screen protected.

Luckily for me, there is a Ghost Armor kiosk just a few steps away from my local Apple store, so I shot straight over there after buying the new iPad. I’ve been using Ghost Armor to protect my iPad screens since back in 2010 and have written here before about how good both their product and service are.

Today my experience with them was even better than before, and that’s saying something – trust me. The young gentleman running the kiosk was there bright and early before the Apple store opened its doors, and he had good straight answers for us on our new iPad questions right away. Namely that the iPad 2 screen protectors would work fine on the new iPad, as the screen size has not changed, but the back cover protection will not work as the camera hole is larger and the dimensions are just a little different. They’ll have new back covers available within a few days I expect.

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New App Store Section Highlights Retina-ready Apps for New iPad

App Store Great Apps for the New iPad

Right on cue, the iPad App Store has a new section that highlights retina display ready apps for the new iPad. The new section, titled ‘Great Apps for the New iPad’, appeared yesterday after the weekly refresh of the App Store featured area.

The new section currently has 32 apps in it, all of which have had recent updates to add support for the hugely improved new retina display on the new iPad.

I’ve been making a list of apps that have updated to support the retina display over the last few days, and once I recover a bit from my new iPad buying mission, I’ll be testing these out as part of getting to know this year’s new iPad.

You’ll find the new section among the rotating highlighted apps at the top of the Featured area in the iPad App Store.

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New iPad 2012 Launch Day – My Experience

Melanie with New iPad

New iPad acquisition mission accomplished. I’ve got my lovely new iPad and I’m back at home.

As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve visited this site before that’s not me above. That’s Melanie, a very helpful and friendly staff member at my local Apple store. That is my new iPad box though, with my shiny new pal inside it.

I’ve stood in line for the iPad each year since its initial launch in 2010, and always at the Barton Creek Mall here in Austin, Texas. Today’s lining up and buying experience was fast and easy and as comfortable as it could be given that you’re waiting round for several hours.

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No FaceTime on LTE on the New iPad

FaceTime on iPad

FaceTime – the video calling feature used on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac – will not work on the new iPad over an LTE connection. It will still require a WiFi connection, just as the current iPad 2 does.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn has tested this out and confirmed (along with a screenshot) that FaceTime prompts for a WiFi connection.

Before you get too angry with Apple about this situation, bear in mind that the consensus speculation says this is very likely to be something that cellular carriers are insisting on, rather than an Apple restriction. So there’s hope at least that perhaps one of the carriers will re-think on this policy at some stage.

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App Updates for New iPad Retina Display Coming Faster Now

Apps Updating for Retina Display

On the day before the new iPad launches, with its amazing new retina display, the flow of app updates adding support for the new high-rez display is increasing.

Just over the last 16 hours or so I’ve seen a good number of these updates showing up – including apps like NYTimes for iPad, Solar Walk HD, Skitch for iPad, Phraseology, Color Splash for iPad, Evernote, Calcbot and more.

And of course these are just the updates I’m seeing on my own iPad 2, those available for my installed apps.

It’s good to see these updates coming faster now, especially the one for the New York Times app – and hopefully this pace will only increase over coming days and weeks.

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First Wave Reviews of the New iPad – Glowing

New iPad Screen closeup

Image Source: TechCrunch

Last night saw the first wave of reviews of the new iPad hit the web, from the expected set of A-listers including John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, Joshua Topolsky of The Verge, David Pogue of The New York Times, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, MG Siegler at TecCrunch and a handful of others.

These early reviews are not good. They’re glowing, full of enthusiastic praise for the 3rd-gen iPad and superlatives that could be straight out of an Apple unveiling event.

Here’s a quick selection of examples of the glowing reception the latest iPad is getting:

On the New Retina Display

Joshua Topolsky:

Yes, this display is outrageous. It’s stunning. It’s incredible. I’m not being hyperbolic or exaggerative when I say it is easily the most beautiful computer display I have ever looked at.

John Gruber:

If you’re familiar with the experience of switching from the old iPhone display to the 4/4S retina display, the experience of switching to the new iPad display will prove familiar. It is astonishingly good. … Reading on the big retina display is pure joy.

Even iPhone apps look better — retina-display iPhone apps run at 2× size on the iPad 3 take advantage of their higher-resolution UI elements and text rendering.

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How Crazy Are App Sizes Going to Get on the New iPad?


The headline new feature of the new iPad is its incredible looking new retina display. The iPad experience is all about the display and that lovely big screen, so this is a single feature upgrade that will be felt in everything we do on the new iPad.

It also looks as if it’s going to have a big impact on app sizes, at least initially – as many of them will increase dramatically when updated to support the new retina display. I’ve already seen a little of this with updates to a few of the apps on my iPad 2 that have been updated in the last week. Here’s a few examples:

— Tweetbot: 22.2MB before the retina display update – 40.9MB after update

— Numbers: 207MB before – 401MB after

— Pages: 153MB before – 364MB after

So these three are nearly doubling or more than doubling in the case of Pages. Of course not all of the file size increase can be attributed just to retina display support. Pages and Numbers both added 3D charts in their latest updates, which I’m sure account for a chunk of the bigger file size as well.

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Lots of Cases & Screen Protectors Ready for the New iPad

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for the new iPad

Right from minutes after Apple’s new iPad announcement event ended I’ve been receiving emails from iPad case and accessory manufacturers, touting their products for the new iPad. I’ve also been trying to keep up (a little) with the huge number of cases screen protectors that should be ready to work with the new iPad on launch day or very soon after.

Here’s just a few that have caught my eye so far:

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD screen protector coverage for just the screen or full body coverage.

Case-mate – Barely There case for the new iPad, a back cover case that works as a companion to the Apple Smart Cover.

Gumdrop – rugged Drop Tech series and two other cases compatible with the new iPad.

Waterfield Designs – Muzetto Outback waxed canvas bag for the new iPad.

DODOcase Classic for the new iPad – a popular and design-award-winning case, comes in a range of colors.

Portenzo – Wingtip for iPad, with the styling of a wingtip book. list of premium leather iPad 2 cases that will fit the new iPad, from manufacturers like Beyza cases, Marware, Sena Cases, iFrogz, Vaja and more. has another list, of new iPad compatible cases available on Amazon.

My current plan is to stick with an Apple Smart Cover, a Ghost Armor screen protector for the display, and a Gelaskin for the back of the new iPad. I’ll take a look at which, if any, of my current favorite folio and sleeve and back cover cases work with the new iPad as well.

What are your plans for protecting the new iPad? Which cases or screen protectors will you be using?

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