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WWDC 2018 Wishlist Part One- Siri

The 2018 WWDC Keynote is just a little over three weeks away. Apple routinely gives us about two hours worth of new software, hardware, and services. With the past as a guide, we can expect to see all of the latest on macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. We will also see any updates that are coming to Apple’s services, such as iCloud, Maps, News, and Music. Hardware announcements and previews come and go, but I would expect to see the new iPad Pro at the very least.

As we move closer to the Keynote, I’ll be making predictions/wishlists on several of the things that I think we will or won’t hear about on Monday, June 4th. I am going to start the ball rolling with one of Apple’s biggest weaknesses at the moment- Siri. There is absolutely no doubt that we will hear a lot about what Apple is up to to improve the service. The question is, how will it go? Does Apple have anything real and tangible to show us?Will it be more window dressing like the last few years, or will we see something more this time.

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