Apple’s delights with iPad mini “Piano” ad

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With each new goodie or upgrade that Apple serves up, there is the accompanying ad that attempts to showcase the innate qualities of the New Thing in Question, giving observers and buyers a peek into what Apple thinks is most important about it. Let’s be honest, Apple has proven time and time again that it is best-in-class with regard to advertising choices. Examples easily spring to mind: the “1984” or the iconic iPod silhouette ads of yesteryear. Of course, not everything has been a hit, but in general, their instincts are spot on.

With the iPad mini, Apple has given us an short but sweet ad that instantly delights and shows why they excel at what they do – displaying a sense of humour and giving the right sense of what the user experience is like. No need for specs list or complex layered content. Just a tune. Played on a piano. Check it out below:



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