Cool (pricy) Things: LaunchPort Inductive Charging System for iPad

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LaunchPort is touted as the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for the iPad. This allows your iPad to be charged with no cable connections required. This same technology was one of the big features of the sadly short-lived HP TouchPad tablet. I’ve tried it out with the TouchPad and it’s a great pleasure to use this sort of charging method.

Two things that I find not so cool about this LaunchPort system:

— The huge price tag – $348 for the BaseStation charging system and $547 for the Base and WallStation charging system.

— The fact that the iPad needs a special sleeve to work with even the tabletop base station. I can see that being needed for the wall mount system (which I find less appealing) but the desktop system would be much slicker if, like the HP Touchstone, it just worked with the tablet itself, with no sleeve required.

What do you all think? Will you be looking to grab one of these?

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One thought on “Cool (pricy) Things: LaunchPort Inductive Charging System for iPad”

  1. I especially love LaunchPort for one not so obvious reason: It defines a fixed and safe place in your home where the iPad rests whenever not used. Everybody knows they should leave *this* iPad in the dock; and the shape of the Sleeve prevents people from just leaving it on the desk.
    (Disclosure: My company delivers Launchport to its customers.)

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