Cool Things: 1Password for iOS Featurecast on New Web Mode

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Here’s a nice idea, nicely executed. It’s a ‘featurecast’ from 1Password – as in, a very short, bite-sized screencast showcasing one of the best new features in the excellent 1Password app for iPad and iPhone. This one is on Web Mode, which is great for browsing to sites where you may need to share confidential information. It’s just over a minute long and does a good job of introducing this feature.

Also love 1Password’s definition of a featurecastm – it sounds healthy. :)

Yes, featurecast. Not a podcast, kind of a screencast, but really, a featurecast: I want to use a little more than screenshots and smoke signals to show off some of the great stuff in 1Password, but still keep each video short ‘n sweet ‘n easy to digest. That means low-calorie, high 1Password nutrition, gluten-free.

1Password is the best password manager app for iOS, Mac, and Windows. It’s one of our choices for the Best iPad Apps of 2012 list, and is a repeat selection.

Here’s an App Store link for 1Password; it’s priced at $17.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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