Cool Things: a Dog Watching Dogs on an iPad

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Dog Watching iPad

I love this photo of a Bernese Mountain Dog watching other dogs on an iPad. It’s from TUAW’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’ series of posts. It was submitted by a TUAW reader and here’s the accompanying text for it:

“Mika watching Bernese Mountain puppies on my iPad, complete with Steve Jobs’ bio in the background (though don’t know how much he appreciates the narrative). He actually climbed up when he heard the puppy vocals.”

My big Labrador doesn’t do much watching of my iPad screens, but he is very aware of my iPads. For instance, first thing in the morning I check email and read news and RSS feeds on my iPad mini and as soon as I close the case cover and there’s the sleep sound from the iPad he’ll come straight over to me knowing that it’s his breakfast time.

I may need to try out some dog videos on the iPad soon. Do any of our pets get engaged by your iPad?

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2 thoughts on “Cool Things: a Dog Watching Dogs on an iPad”

  1. I have a three year old Irish Setter who loves to play cat games on our daughter’s iPad. He attacks the mice with his nose and mouth making for a real mess. He will not leave my daughter alone if she has a computer, iPad, or iPhone. We tried a Kindle Fire, but he prefers the larger iPad. If he gets a modeling job, I know what they first paycheck will be used to purchase!

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