Cool Things: Bookmarklet to Share to Google+ from Safari on the iPad

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If you’re a Google+ fan and an iPad user then you’re probably well aware that there’s still no Google+ iPad app – and the iPhone app supports portrait mode only. So any little extra hooks into Google+ on the iPad are good news.

Like a clever bookmarklet tool from developer, curious hacker, and G+ user Matt Mastacci – which makes it dead easy to share a link to Google+ from within the Safari browser app on the iPad.

Here’s how to make this work:

— Copy this text to somewhere you can access it on the iPad – email to it yourself or use an app like Pastebot if you have one:

javascript:void‘‘ + encodeURIComponent(location.href), ‘_blank’, ‘width=500,height=500’)

— Tap and hold on that text on the iPad and choose Copy from the popover command bar.

— Open Safari on the iPad

— Browse to any page in Safari, say for example your favorite neighborhood iPad site. The tap on the Share button just to the left of the address bar (the one that looks like an envelope with an arrow coming out of it) and tap on Add Bookmark. In the first field change the name of the bookmark to ‘Share to Google+’ or something along those lines. In the bottom field choose whether you want the bookmark to appear in the standard bookmarks list or in the Bookmarks Bar. I prefer the latter because they are easily accessible if you choose to show the Bookmarks Bar via Settings > Safari.

Choose Bookmarks Bar

— Now tap on the Bookmarks icon – the one just to the left of the Share button. Then tap on the Edit button at the top right of the Bookmarks popover dialog (if you chose to place your new bookmark in the Bookmarks Bar, you’ll first half to tap on Bookmarks Bar in the list of bookmarks), then tap on the new bookmark.

— Tap in the middle field to place the cursor at the end of the address entry for the bookmark and tap on the X at the right to erase all the text it contains. Then tap and hold in the blank field to paste in the text you just copied.

Share to Google Plus

Now your bookmarklet should be ready to use. To test it just go to any web page, preferably one you don’t mind sharing to Google+, and then either tap on the bookmark name in the Bookmarks Bar (if you placed it there) or tap on the Bookmarks button and then tap on your bookmark name. The first time you use it, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Google+. Once you have done, each time you tap the bookmark it will bring up a page that’s autopopulated with a link to the page you’re on in Safari and an image from that page and a field where you can add a comment.

Share Dialog

That’s it. Happy Google+ sharing.

Hat tip to Christopher Rizzo on Total iPad for sharing this.

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  1. This is really great! One quick note: copying the code for the bookmarklet in the article on safari mobile will add extra html-related characters to the text, forcing me to clean that extra text out, and mobile safari’s keyboard for editing URL text does not have a spacebar!. I used this instead (same as unharmed text in the article):‘’%20+encodeURIComponent(location.href),’_blank’,’width=500,height=500′)

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