Cool Things: Conference Table with Integrated iPad Stations

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That’s on fine-looking conference table. I’m not generally an admirer of conference tables, or even a fan of meetings that require conference tables – but sign me up for meetings round this one.

It’s a Hi-tech Conference Table from the Dutch company, featured recently at Born Rich. The table is available in a variety of shapes and configurations and includes 16 docking stations for iPads.

At my home office there’s only myself and my tremendously handsome Labrador (Deputy Editor Dawg), but I could borrow some of my daughter’s stuffed animals to fill out the seats at the table.

I couldn’t find a price listed for the table but I’m guessing it may be just a tad over my current conference table budget. Damn.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Things: Conference Table with Integrated iPad Stations

  1. Unfortunately in the article it is mentioned wrongly that the table is designed by Dupont. While in reality this table was beeing designed, a Dutch company part of High Design company.

    The only connection we as a company have with Dupont is the fact that the Corian material used to make these tables is developed by DuPont