Cool Things: First Photo of Mount Evans Taken with an iPad 2

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Mount Evans photo taken with an iPad 2

This is – as far as we know – the first photo of Mount Evans in Colorado taken with an iPad 2. It was taken by everythingiCafe forum member geordisjd, and is part of a forum thread for pictures taken with the iPad 2. There are a number of surprisingly good pictures in the thread, and this is my clear favorite.

Here’s a little background on the photo, straight from geordisjd:

With 40mph gusts of wind, it was immensely (?) practical to take those pics. The iPad almost flew away across the frozen lake, but I caught it before it did…

This is a pic of Mt Evans, CO, taken fom Echo Lake, one hour from Denver. Mt Evans is closed by snow 8 months a year. But when it opens on Memorial Day, it’s a wonderful place that goes through 4 seasons in 4 months (June=winter/spring, July=spring/summer, august is still summer, but the first deep frost in early September puts it into a very fast fall and winter is back again. It has the highest paved road in the US. You can actually drive to the very top. One of the most interesting area is Summit Lake at 12,500 feet, over one thousand feet under Mt Evans’ summit. Only fed by melting snow, summit lake owes its few trouts to human seeding. The area around it is the only place in the continental US to have permafrost, which is the reason why the vegetation is the same as in the arctic: lovely tiny, tough flowers with a very short life. Wild life is also everywhere: big horn sheeps, mountain goats, marmots, ice birds are everywhere, with no predators.

And here are a few versions of the photo with some effects applied with the excellent FX Photo Studio HD app; a little contrast and brightness adjustment, a ‘Cool Blue’ effect, and ‘Vintage’:





I still like the original shot the best – as it offers the greatest level of detail on the water and the unaltered colors match the wintry scene.

I don’t think any of us are expecting much from the iPad 2 as a still camera, as well we shouldn’t given the specs for its cameras – but it’s good to see that in the hands of the right person it can produce some very nice photos.

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