Cool Things: First Time I’ve Seen an iBooks Title Updated

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George Harrison iBook

I did a post last week mentioning the new multi-touch iBook on George Harrison, which I was very impressed with. This week the book has had an update. It’s the first time I can recall seeing an update issued for an iBooks title.

This book is clearly labeled as having been ‘Made with iBooks Author’ – so this is my first time seeing one of the big touted benefits of Apple’s new publishing tool: the ability to update titles after they’ve been published.

I even got an email to let me know about the update and offer instructions on how to get it (which proved not to be needed at all):

Dear Patrick,
Thank you for purchasing George Harrison: Living In the Material World. We’ve updated the book and corrected a few quality issues. The new version of the book is available to you at no charge.

To download the new version:

1) Go to your iBooks library on your iPad.
2) Tap Edit, select George Harrison: Living In the Material World, delete it, and tap Done.
3) Tap Store, then Purchased, scroll down to the bottom of the page, tap on your Apple ID, and sign out.
4) Sign back in with your Apple ID and password.
5) Tap Purchases in the bottom right, then locate George Harrison: Living In the Material World and tap the cloud button next to it.

You will now have the updated version of the book in your iBooks library.

In fact, as soon as I opened iBooks after seeing the email I was prompted to enter my iTunes password and the George Harrison book was already updating and showing a progress bar below its thumbnail in the Library section.

Pretty slick, and definitely a cool feature. I wonder how easy it is to issue updates via other publishing tools, as again I don’t recall ever seeing one before for any of the other 20+ iBooks titles I’ve got.

Have any of you seen any of your iBooks titles updated in this way or any other method?

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7 thoughts on “Cool Things: First Time I’ve Seen an iBooks Title Updated”

  1. It will be interesting to see whether updates to eBooks become a regular thing. I remember as a college student working in the periodicals department at the library how there were certain law and policy review journals that sent updates as hole-punched sheets that you would insert into a big binder, removing the outdated sheets. This could be the digital version of the same idea.

    Out of curiosity, is it easy to tell whether you’re reading the updated version or the original from within the book?


    1. I would imagine these will become quite common for at least certain types of iBooks (including text books of course).

      There may well be an easy way to tell whether you’re reading an updated version but I haven’t spotted it yet. That will be an important feature I think as text books and others begin to receive regular updates.

  2. Did you notice if the update had a new isbn #?

    That was one of the early unanswered questions, whether an update would
    be like software or have to be like a print edition with a new isbn and the associated cost.

    1. Sorry I did not – in fact I’m not sure where to even look for that, don’t see it anywhere on the iBookStore page for it.

  3. Thanks for the post. It made me take a look at the title and I bought it. I really enjoyed the documentar(ies) so this is a nice companion piece. The interactive features really help a book about a musician. The “book” and the photos also look really great on the new iPad.

  4. I follow the instructions emailed to me and to be honest I don’t know if I updated the book or not. After I deleted the book I noticed that a version started downloading from the cloud.

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