Cool Things: iFixit Takes a Look at ‘Leaked’ iPad 3 Display

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Those ever-so-clever folks at iFixit,masters of device teardowns and DIY repair guides, have got their hands on the ‘leaked’ iPad 3 display – and confirmed that it is significantly different to the one found on the iPad 2 and its display resolution looks like 2048X1536.

This is the same display that MacRumors took under a microscope last week to offer their confirmation on the upgraded, retina-quality display. In fact, MacRumors send it to iFixit so they could have a look. 

With an iPad 3 announcement event widely expected to happen in less than two weeks, hopefully we’ll see an official Apple invite issued any day now. I have to admit, my excitement levels are getting very high now, knowing that we are likely less than a month away from the iPad 3 release.

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