Cool Things: iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket

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Oh yes readers, this is how I roll. Other site owners may get their names engraved on $500 leather iPad cases, but I have got myself the ultimate in site branding bling – a customized iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket.

The iPad 2 DTMJ (that’s what all the cool kids are calling it) is a Kickstarter project run by long-time friend of this site coregeek. He told me about this project at its early stages, asked if I would like to try one out, it arrived today, and I have to say I love it. And not just because it’s got the iPad Insight branding on it – I’m also impressed as heck with what coregeek’s done with these.

Here are some of the key features of the DTMJ

• Unique colors and designs
• Integrated sleep/wake function
• Easy magnetic insert and removal
• Built-in angled typing prop and horizontal viewing stand
• Magnetic clasp
• Soft Felt Lining 
• Full front and back protection
• Durable and light-weight plywood core
• Handmade in the USA

These will come in a nice range of seven colors …


And also with some funky patterns and even some ‘Inspired’ models like the ‘Bacontastic’ and ‘Classic Gamer’ …


Or even in ‘Ultimate Custom’ models, like my lovely new one …

UltimateCustomAs I said above, I’m impressed with the iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket. It’s easy to get the iPad 2 in and out of it, it holds the iPad 2 securely, the automatic sleep/wake feature works perfectly, and it feels good on my iPad 2. It’s more than I expected from a duct tape based jacket.

I’m a backer of this Kickstarter project and I hope it will get its funding for coregeek. Check it out when you get a chance, the video demo for the DTMJ is superbly done:

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  1. This magnetic jacket is perfect for my iPad! It will really support my iPad whenever I take down notes using the Ghostwriter Notes app. It will anchor the iPad to my hands while taking notes. I will buy this jacket!

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