Cool Things – iPad 2 Takes a Horrific Beating and Keeps on Working

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I always say the iPad is an amazing device in so many ways. Generally though when I’m saying that I’m not thinking of indestructible as one of the words I’d use to describe it. Then again, watching this video, maybe indestructible should work its way into the standard set of Apple superlatives for our favorite tablet.

Here’s a little back story from Marcos Suzano, the owner of this tougher-than-tough iPad 2 and creator of the video:

Returning from a trip I had made, I forgot my iPad on the cars top in one of the stops I did. We got on the road and he fell from where I left him onto the asphalt. When we realized and came back to fetch it, it was already destroyed and I even saw buses and truck run over it before the traffic had allowed me to get it… The amazing part is that, when I got it all destroyed and pressed the home button, it was still working normally! That includes the perfect image and all the other functions, working with no sign of damage.

Nice going iPad and thanks to Marcos for emailing about this.

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