Cool Things: Lantronix Offers Simple, Plug&Play Solution for iPad and iOS Printing

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This looks like quite a handy option for painless, no setup iPad and iOS printing. It’s the new xPrint Server Home Edition from Lantronix.  It’s a very simple, plug and play solution for getting your iOS devices printing.

The promo video is very nicely done – I love the bit where the little girl tells the mom ‘this is ridiculous’.

Here’s a little bit about the xPrint Server Home Edition, via the Lantronix press release for it:

The xPrintServer: Open it. Plug it in. Print!
The xPrintServer Family is an easy-to-use hardware solution that utilizes the iOS native print menu and requires no additional applications, software downloads, or printer driver installations. With automatic printer discovery and no configuration, printing is hassle-free. Simply open the box, plug in power, attach a USB printer and print — wirelessly from any iOS device running iOS version 4.2 or later, to virtually any USB or network-connected printer.

The xPrintServer – Home Edition: Key Differentiators

  • Ease of use. No IT experience required. Simply open the box, plug it in, print.
  • No software. No software or apps to purchase, install, or support.
  • One xPrintServer, Multiple Printers and Users! Preserve investment in USB printers. One xPrintServer – Home Edition supports multiple USB printers, up to two network-connected printers, and an unlimited number of iOS devices and users.
  • Share USB Printers. No longer tied to a single PC or Mac, USB printers will now be available to all PCs and Macs on a home network.
  • No configuration. The xPrintServer auto-discovers and auto-provisions printers.
  • Always-on and Economical. Unlike most app solutions, the xPrintServer – Home Edition does not require a high power consumption PC or Mac to be on. The Home Edition also has an environmentally friendly power consumption of approximately 1 watt.
  • Print everything. If it can be viewed, opened, or read on an iOS device, it can be printed with the xPrintServer.

The xPrint Server Home Edition goes for $99.95 and is said to be available for purchase at and online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and – though I can’t find at the Amazon or Best Buy sites just now.

I’m trying to get hold of a review unit of the device and if I do I’ll review it here of course.

Of course there are already some great solutions for making virtually any printer work with the iPad’s built-in AirPrint feature – check out my How To Make AirPrint Work with Just About Any Printer post for details on one of the easiest.

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One thought on “Cool Things: Lantronix Offers Simple, Plug&Play Solution for iPad and iOS Printing”

  1. Very rarely do I say Holy Sh*t – WANT. Even more rarely do I say Holy Sh*t WANT… then see the price and decide I could just buy an AirPrint Printer for that much (Epson Stylus NX430).

    Dear Apple – THIS IS PART OF iOS THAT SUCKS. The implementation of printing just sucks. AirPrint Sucks. The whole concept sucks and I find it hard to believe nobody at Apple knew this SUCKED straight from the get go.

    Solution: Air Print Server. A small, simple binary that works on Windows and Mac and acts as a wireless print server. Hell, they could have even made it Bonjour compatible so there was no setup required.

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