Cool Things: MOS Pack – The Backpack You Plug In To Charge Everything

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MOSS Pack5

Im a sucker for a good tech bag.  Make that bag a practical back pack with plenty of storage slots for all my gadgets, and all you need to do is tell me where to send my money!  Luckily for us the folks at MOS went one step further.  The MOS Pack not only incorporates many of their own previous released product designs, it also transforms the average backpack into a portable charging station for all of your electronic devices. This is an especially handy feature that allows you to charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack, and solves the problem of charging all your devices on the go.

One of the solutions the folks at MOS wanted to solve was how to make it easier to travel, and still be able to bring all your electronic devices with you.  The MOS Pack was designed with this idea in mind, but with the added caveat of charging all these devices while still in the back pack.  There are a plethora of pockets, compartments and storage areas designed for a variety of devices and typical travel needs for the average tech junkie.

MOSS Pack2

Not only will all your devices now have their own pockets to keep them safe during travel, but with hidden access channels and cord management solutions designed by MOS, you can now charge them inside the back pack with the addition of a MOS Reach.  The Reach is  built into the MOS Pack, and is at the heart of what makes this back-pack unique.  It is held in place with a magnetic plate sewn into the bottom of the back-pack, making it possible to charge multiple devices at once with a standard plug for your laptop, and two additional USB connectors for your other devices.  At a later date you will also have the option of adding a MOS Reach Go Power bank to your Pack so that you can charge your devices even when you don’t have power outlets available.

MOSS Pack4

The MOS Pack is a great looking, durable bag, but still maintains a simple, clean professional design that won’t look out of place in any business setting.  So I know what you’re thinking now–how can I get buy hands on a MOSS Pack, and how much does it cost?!  Luckily, the public excitement in the MOSS Pack has been so overwhelmingly positive, thatchy reached their funding goal in the first day.  This guarantees it will be funded on January 4th, even though their is still over three weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign.


As with most Kickstarter projects, their are a variety of choices in how you can take delivery of your MOS Pack.  If you take advantage of this offer before the the campaign ends, you will receive a discount of $120 off the suggested MSRP of $219.  At $99, that’s a GREAT deal for a bag with the versatility of the MOS Pack.  Act now to grab one of the remaining Super Early Bird Specials expected to deliver in February 2016.  Otherwise, those who take advantage of one of the remaining deals will get their MOS Pack in March 2016.  They ship anywhere in the world, and are shipping all orders in the US for free.


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