Cool Things: Paperlike 2 Screen Protector for the iPad

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Two years ago, I covered an interesting Kickstarter product for the iPad Pro called the Paperlike. It was a screen protector that made the iPad’s screen feel more textured like a piece of paper. I backed the Kickstarter and reviewed the product after it arrived a few months later. It made a big difference for me using my Apple Pencil, as the added texture made writing and controlling the Pencil easier. I liked it enough that I kept it on my 2017 iPad Pro until I sold it last Summer.

While the Paperlike definitely improved the writing experience on the iPad Pro screen, it did mute the colors of the display a bit and affected screen clarity somewhat. I still liked it enough that its main shortcoming didn’t bother me, but I do remember seeing some complaints on the Kickstarter page for the original product.

According to the page for the new Paperlike 2, creator Jan Sapper has worked on this shortcoming and created a new “Nanodot Surface Technology” that supposedly limits distortion of the screen, while also improving the textured feel, as well. Sounds like a win-win to me. If the Paperlike 2 can deliver the same or better writing performance without any negative impact on the screen, then it will become an essential accessory in my book.

Another change for the new product is the sizes that are available. When the original Paperlike was released, the iPad Pro was still on its original design and was only available in three sizes. Now, thanks to Apple rolling out Pencil compatibility to all models, the Paperlike 2 will be available across the entire iPad lineup.

If the Paperlike 2 sounds like something you could use to make life with the Apple Pencil a bit easier, then I can definitely recommend backing this Kickstarter. The $28 earlybird price for 2 Paperlike 2 covers is very reasonable as iPad screen protectors go, much less one that adds additional functionality. Even if you miss out on that, the price only goes up to $32, which is still a good value.

While all Kickstarters have to be taken with a grain of salt, you shouldn’t have any worries about your money going up in smoke. Jan Sapper delivered the original Paperlike exactly as described and I’m sure that experience will pay off the second time around. I have confidence that this Kickstarter will go just as smoothly. In fact, the Paperlike 2 is already fully funded, with $107,156 pledged and almost 3,600 backers.

I will be backing the Paperlike 2 and will review it as soon as I have it.

You can find the Paperlike 2 at Kickstarter here.


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