Cool Things: Project Hope Video on How the iPad Spreads Hope

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Project HOPE sends volunteer physicians, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists and others. to a number of countries around the world. This commercial came out of a larger documentary film series – the director asked volunteers what they brought with them on missions (which can last weeks or months on end). Many volunteers told us that the first thing they pack is their iPad.

Project HOPE told me a little more on this:

While many of them used it for the reasons you’d expect (looking up medical information, reading and communicating on the Navy hospital ships they travel aboard, etc.), Dr. Braner (shown in the “commercial”) pointed out an amazing use no one saw coming. He and other volunteers often travel on humanitarian missions in remote and impoverished regions. The patients they treat – especially the children – have often never seen the Apple logo before, let alone an iPad. The children are also frequently extremely sick and scared (understandably, having lacked even basic medical care in many cases). Dr. Braner talked about how amazed and drawn-in the children are when he takes the iPad out and lets them try it for themselves. They are quickly mesmerized, and no longer scared. Dr. Braner likes to snap a photo of the patients and show it to them on the iPad’s screen. He got emotional talking about how blown away the children were, and how this simple little trick can instantly build trust with the patients, letting Dr. Braner treat them more effectively.

Great stuff.

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