Cool Things: Stop-Motion Video Created with Brushes App for iPad

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Really great video – fun and clever and made even more so when you hear about how it was done with the Brushes app for iPad by Shawn Harris, aka Maniac.

Here’s his rundown of how this was created:

I illustrated this video for "Thank Each Mistake" using the Brushes app for iPad. I heard about it through Jorge Colombo’s New Yorker covers, but for me, the best media for this technique wasn’t print, but video! By taking advantage of the actions playback feature, and by using a brushes viewer application for my Mac, I found I could export my painting as a quicktime movie. The app isn’t designed for animation, but the playback feature, which records each brush-stroke as a separate frame, lends itself to a coarse morphy style of stop-motion fingerpainting, if you can manage to be deliberate enough about not lifting your finger from the painting… Thanks also to BLU, whose wall animations helped inspire the technique.

I’ve always thought the recording of strokes within Brushes was a pretty incredible feature, but I’d never seen it put to this sort of use before. Well done Mr. Harris.

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