iPad Insight Garage Sale: Apple iPhone and iPad Cases Available- Just Pay Shipping

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As promised in my last post, I have several cases that I have reviewed for older iPhones and iPads over the years that I am willing to send out to the first responder I hear from. Just pay the shipping to you plus a small handling charge of $5 to cover things like boxes, packing material and the time to get all of these packages out the door. Then it’s all yours.

Rest assured that, in spite of the tongue-in-cheek money bag above, this is not a money making venture for me. Feel free to check the retail prices of these cases, or what used versions go for on eBay or elsewhere. You guys are definitely getting the better end of this deal, but that’s fine by me.

I’m just happy to move these quality cases out of my house to people who will get some use out of them. I can’t just throw items this nice away, but I have also never felt good about selling review items that companies have given to me. It’s much better to hand those down or give them away if I’m not using them.

The rules are simple:

  1. The first person to email me to request a case is first in line. Send me the payment and you’re all set. If you back out, the next person to request it gets it.
  2. You can only request one item per household. Don’t be greedy.
  3. You pay for the shipping and handling. See the instructions for that at the end of the post.

iPad Cases

UAG Metropolis for the 2018 12.9″ iPad Pro

I’m a big fan of UAG’s cases and their Metropolis tablet cases strike a great balance, adding protection without excessive thickness and weight. This has been my go-to case for my iPad Pro when the Magic Keyboard doesn’t provide enough protection.

UAG Metropolis for the 2018 11″ iPad Pro

More of the same as above, just for the smaller size iPad Pro. Since I didn’t have the 11” model for long, this case has seen very little use.

Pad and Quill Contega Thin 2018 11″ iPad Pro Case

If you like the feel of a fine hardback book or journal, then this case it a great way to carry your iPad Pro in style. The adhesive attachment keeps the package thin and light.


iPhone Cases

iPhone Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

I’m not going to lie- I used this case heavily for several months. However, it still holds a pretty good charge and isn’t too worn. Hey, you can’t beat the price considering this case still retails for $129.

UAG Monarch Series Case for iPhone XS Max

This is a really nice, heavy duty case.  I used some others that I had at the time more often, so it doesn’t have much wear on it. It sells new for $49.95.

Pad and Quill Deluxe Traveler Protective Case for the iPhone XS Max

This is a really nice leather case with a weathered and worn look. It’s really unique looking and the credit card/business card holder is very handy, as well.

Vaja Wallet LP for iPhone XS and XS Max

This is the biggest prize in this sale. This case retails for over $100 and it feels like it when you hold it. Where Pad and Quill’s leather goods have the feel of a worn first edition cover, Vaja’s leather is buttery smooth. I’m a big fan. Wallet cases aren’t really my thing though, so it didn’t get much use after the review.

Spiegen 10th Anniversary Classic ONE Case for iPhone X (or XS)

If you love the look of the original iPhone, then this is a great way to re-live some old memories. It’s a really cool throwback. I ended up never using or reviewing it, so it’s still new in the box.

Spiegen 10th Anniversary Classic C1 Case for iPhone X (or XS)

Does your Apple nostalgia go back a lot further than the OG iPhone? How about to the original iMac? This case is a really cool tribute to that design. Same as above, this one is also brand new in the box.

Let’s make a deal

To calculate shipping, I would recommend estimating 1 pound for iPhone cases and 2 or 3 for iPad to be safe. Use the zip code 38632 to calculate your shipping costs. Whatever shipping provider you want to use between UPS, FedEx or USPS is fine.

Leave me a comment below if you want to reserve a case. Be sure to enter your email address when you post your comment. I will reach out via email afterwards to finalize everything. I would prefer shipping payments to be made via PayPal or ApplePay to make things fast and easy.

To anyone who takes an item, I appreciate your help in clearing out some clutter.

James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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