iSketchnote: Smart iPad Cover with Integrated Digitizing Tech for Sketching & Writing

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iSketchnote is a promising looking iPad-focused Kickstarter project. It lets you use real pen and paper in tandem with the iPad via a smart cover with integrated digitizing capabilities. Here are a few slices of its Kickstarter intro:

We love to doodle, make sketchnotes, and we love the iPad. We also love the feel of a pen travelling on a sheet of paper. But nothing existed that combined the power of the iPad with the comfort of writing on paper. So, we invented iSketchnote!

None of the existing technologies provide the real experience of a pen and paper. So keep your habits and use the only technology that allows you to digitize your sketches and notes in real time.

No specific paper. No electronic pen. Just iSketchnote!

The project has already got over 95% of its funding target with a full 29 days left. Pledge levels for an iSketchnote pack start at $149. You can see more and get a much better impression of what this does in the Kickstarter demo video:

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One thought on “iSketchnote: Smart iPad Cover with Integrated Digitizing Tech for Sketching & Writing”

  1. Another incredible invention that allows for digitalized notetaking with the fell of pen and paper but only that it is written digitally. This would be such a good experience for people because it allows them to back-up their hard-earned files in the computer to be used for studying or reviewing.

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