2011 Best App Ever Awards – Get Your Nominations In

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The 2011 Best App Ever Awards are up and running and now accepting app nominations. This is th fourth year for these awards, which recognize the best mobile apps and games, as chosen by users. I have always loved this aim of the awards:

Our Goal: Honor the best, not just the best selling

They used to be for just iOS apps, but this year the field has been opened up to Android apps as well. The awards cover a huge range – from overall winners in areas like Most Innovative App to app awards by categories. You’ll be able to nominate your favorite iPad, iPhone, and Android apps in categories like Best RSS Reader, Best Navigation app, Best Health app, Best Musical Instrument app, Best Calendar app, Best Writing app, Best Remote Access app, Best Photo Editing app, and tons more. I’d be hugely surprised if there’s not a category that fits your favorites.

Nominations are being accepted through December 31, 2011 – so go get yours in when you have a chance: http://bestappever.com/

Then come back here and tell us about your nominations.

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5 thoughts on “2011 Best App Ever Awards – Get Your Nominations In”

  1. I vote for iTap RDP. It’s a very professional and stable remote desktop client. I’m a suoervisor apof an IT dept at a college. I recommend this app to all remote users. I have tested it for sebpveral months and it’s trouble free. Hats off for this hidden gem of an app.

    1. Well, it would have been, if it weren’t for the fact that they don’t appear to have the iOS version as an option…

      1. Looks like the (R) in the name QuickOffice(R) Pro HD is causing our search a hiccup. If you search for just quickoffice, you’ll see QuickOffice Pro HD, iPad version at the end of the list.

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