86 Year Old Dutchman and His New iPad Are a Hit on YouTube

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This is an example of what makes the iPad worth every bit of the ‘magical’ tag Steve Jobs hung on it right from Day 1. When an 86 year old who uses a stair lift and still loves MS-DOS takes to the iPad like a fish to water, that’s some very fine hardware and interface design magic.

Here’s a little of the backstory on the video, courtesy of Consumentenbond (Dutch consumers union) who were kind enough to send us the news on this:

The YouTube film showing the 86-year old Mr. Strubbe enthusiastically talking about his iPad has proved to be a real hit on the internet.  The video in question was the most viewed film on YouTube.nl on Wednesday 27th October and the most forwarded item on Twitter.  A total of almost 300.000 people viewed the video. The film is now also available with English subtitles as a result of its popularity.

The deaf Mr Strubbe tells the Consumentenbond (Dutch consumers union) about his much loved 1996 MS-DOS computer.  His personal computer has been working fine for years and he has never suffered problems with viruses and hackers.  But his love for his MS-DOS was dampened somewhat after his daughter bought him an iPad.  ‘My world has turned into a lap dog’, Mr Strubbe states as a result of all the attention on the internet.  Twitterers have shown their appreciation for the fact that the 86-year old is keeping up with the times.

Golden Oldie

Mr Strubbe participated with the monthly ‘Golden Oldie’ Consumentenbond video series.  Union members talk about equipment they have been using on a daily basis for many years and which still work perfectly well, like a sewing machine from 1930 and a hoover dating back to 1969.  The feature is included in the Consumentengids and the videos can be viewed on www.consumentenbond.nl/gouweouwe.

Good work iPad, and Mr. Strubbe.

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6 thoughts on “86 Year Old Dutchman and His New iPad Are a Hit on YouTube”

  1. Wow, I love the fact that this person keeps up with the time. If I ever get that old, I really like to hope I'd keep up with technology. I love it so much… IPAD.. Personally I still don't have one but I will surely get one someday.

  2. Die man is "with it". Zo oud ben ik nog niet, maar als ik die leeftijd beleeft, hoop ik ook zo "with it" te zijn.

    1. Well said, and I agree. (hoping Google Translate told me correctly that you said:

      So I'm not old, but when I experience that age, I hope so "with it" to be.

      1. Yo're pretty close. I'll translate it for you. "That man is with it. I'm not that old yet, but if I live to be that age, I also hope to be with it.

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