Apple Event on September 15, 2020

All Hail Mark Gurman: Apple Event For Watch and iPads Scheduled for September 15th

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Apple Event on September 15, 2020

Yesterday, I said that there would be a showdown between several Apple leakers and analysts. Sources would be weighed and found to be legit, or possibly just found out. Well, hopefully no one loses their job over who they told what and when, but after this morning’s tempest in a teapot full of Apple fans, we have a clear winner by a landslide- Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

There is no doubt that he nailed what would happen today ahead of time, and in detail. I’ll give partial credit to @L0vetodream, since he did say there wouldn’t be an Apple Watch today. However, when you stay cryptic and go small, you don’t get to take home the full three points (if you don’t know what that means, talk to some soccer and hockey fans).

So here is what Gurman had to say yesterday:

You can see here another version of what Apple released today, along with a special blue Twitter #appleevent hashtag, just for their upcoming run of streaming events.

Apple Event Sept 15, 2020

It’s interesting that this version of the announcement seems to be very closely tied to the Apple Watch. And right on cue, here is Mr Gurman again:

You can also see Gurman’s article that dropped on Bloomberg at roughly the same time. So it would appear that Mr Gurman’s sources came out on top, as he was all queued up and ready to go ahead of everything happening. So all hail the undisputed King of the Apple Leakers. I don’t think there’s any doubt who’s at the top of that heap now. And as for Jon Prosser, it would appear that Apple called in a hit and finally got their man today. I’m sure he’ll be back, but maybe a little more humble than before.

As for next week’s Apple Event, Mark Gurman confirmed what everyone already knew: the new iPhones aren’t ready and will not be announced this early. This event will be focused on the Apple Watch and the iPad (or iPads, as even Gurman has stated that there may be both a base model iPad and a new Air coming). That tells me that Apple thinks too highly of their top wearable device to announce it with only a humble press release.

With so much other new hardware rumored to be in the pipeline, the rumor action the rest of this week will now shift to what else Apple might announce during or around next week’s event. Could the AirPods Studio make an appearance? How about the HomePod 2 or AirTags? It really depends on how Apple decides to play the rest of the fall.

If they are going to have one more streaming event for the iPhones and Apple Silicon Macs, then I could see more devices being announced next week. If they decide to separate those announcements into two events, then it may make sense for them to hold some things back and announce them at or around the later streaming events.

Who knows at this point? Definitely not Jon Prosser, right? Yeah, that was low, but when you aim high and miss big, it’s a LONG way down. He’s been right about enough that he’ll bounce back, though.

This is 2020 and anything can happen, so I’m done guessing what Apple will do. Unless Mark Gurman leaks it, I’m staying skeptical of pretty much any rumor I see after today. Right now, I’m just hoping for new Watches and an iPad Air to be announced next Tuesday. The rest will play out the way Apple wants it to and that’s just fine.


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2 thoughts on “All Hail Mark Gurman: Apple Event For Watch and iPads Scheduled for September 15th”

  1. Mm, I dunno. The last time that Mark German and John Prosser disagreed, Mark was very wrong. Mark said there would be no iPhone SE coming and John nailed the launch date exactly. If anything, now they’re even.

    1. Did you miss WWDC? Gurman nailed the predictions he made and Prosser struck out on everything he said leading up. It was the first time he had really been flat wrong and he had to own up publicly. His rating percentage on AppleTrac fell into the eighties after that. Add to this his outrageous predictions about Apple Glass and Prosser has proven that he is legit, but still mortal.

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