Ambrosia Giving Away an iPad a Day This Week

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If you didn’t get your hands on an iPad yet (Oh Noes!) or if you have a family member who’s really lusting after one now, then winning a free iPad this week might not be a bad thing.

The kind folks over at Ambrosia Software are making that a possibility via a contest where they’ll pick a winner for one free iPad 16GB WiFi model each day this week.  They’ve also got free copies of their iPad apps as further prizes on offer. 

It’s simple to get entered for a chance to win – just your standard follow the Ambrosia account on Twitter and retweet a specific message sort of deal.  Get all the details on it here:

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2 thoughts on “Ambrosia Giving Away an iPad a Day This Week”

  1. The iPad sucks. Here's a good article I read that pretty much sums it up. I'd rather have a netbook!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Did you also write that list? Notice your name is the same as the poster of it. The list itself offers nothing new by way of reasons for the iPad allegedly sucking.

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