Best App Update Text. Ever.

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Letterpress iPad game

Letterpress is a unique and clever word game for the iPad and iPhone. It’s an addicting game that lets you match up your word making skills against friends and random opponents via Game Center, with a healthy dose of strategy thrown in as well.

The game is developed by Loren Brichter, who created the superb Tweetie Twitter client app for iOS, which was later bought by Twitter.

Letterpress was updated a couple days ago – to Version 1.4. And the details text for the update is the best I’ve ever seen – just funny as hell. Here it is:

Remember words for later. Tap-and-hold the CLEAR button to close a game, but remember the word you had selected. Next time you go into the game it’ll zap back up out of the grid. Pew-pew-pew. Like that.
• Fix zombie games. Maybe. You never know with zombies.
• Adjust bouncies.
• Fix wiggle-squishes.
• Tweak auto-matching.
• Tips & Tricks, Legal links.
• Updated dictionary. ORTHOLOGY, dawg.
• Una cosa súper secreta. (¡Que bueno Español Lorenzo! Ah gracias Lorenzo, me recuerdo de escuela. Los pantalones es mucho grande.)
• App binary is even smaller. If the world were just, the market would reward my relentless drive for efficiency fueled by a visceral hatred of bloated software. #gimmemoney #jk #no4real
• Enable View Replay button for iOS 5 users too.
• Paul Kafasis previously eschewed public credit for the idea of “wiggle the letter which came from a tapped empty space”, but after seeing the billing my wife got, he told me he wanted in. Enjoy your taste of the limelight, Paul.


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  1. This reminds me of your post on the revolutionary “killer” vertical scrolling feature in iBooks. Dude, you need to get out more, really.

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