Crazy iPad Numbers: 20% of All Mobile & Tablet Web Browsing Done from iPads

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As 9to5Mac reports, recent studies from the Net Applications research firm show that the share of global web browsing done from mobile and tablet devices is rising sharply, nearly doubling in the last 10 months from 2.60% last August to 5.02% in June of this year.

The iPad – incredibly – accounts for 1% out of that 5% total for mobile and tablet devices. So 20% of all mobile and tablet browsing is done on an iPad. Incredible, with the huge number of smartphones and mobile devices in use.

I’m happy to say I continue to see evidence of this trend on this site. Stats for last month show that over 47% of visits came from iPads. Great stuff.

How much of your web browsing do you do on your iPad? What’s your percentage?

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3 thoughts on “Crazy iPad Numbers: 20% of All Mobile & Tablet Web Browsing Done from iPads”

  1. Interesting numbers. At this point, I probably do 75% or more of my browsing on the iPad. It’s completely replaced my MacBook pro for casual web reading — blogs, YouTube, that sort of stuff. When I’m doing research, I’ll still use a browser on the MBP, but the. iPad has become my go-to device for browsing all day. Add to that the Facebook app on my iPhone, and I’m probably up to 80-85% mobile access to the web.

    Crazy that these devices are only a few years old and have completely redefined how I use the web.

    1. Mine is about the same as SFDex. I do about 70 to 80 of my browsing on my iPad and the remainder on my mbp. I usually only browse on my mbp if it is something that I need to review in depth.

  2. I’m probably in the same neighborhood as the two of you, in terms of %age of browsing done on the iPad. I agree that it’s amazing how much these devices have changed our habits.

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