Don’t Bet on Apple’s AR Glasses Being Cancelled Just Yet

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Earlier today, Digitimes and Digitimes Taiwan reported on Apple’s AR Glasses, saying first that the project is cancelled and later that development has been temporarily stopped. This seems to be based on a claim that the team working on the project was disbanded and its members re-assigned to other areas within Apple in May.

This report has been met with a lot of skepticism and I can understand why. First off, Digitimes has a somewhat spotty track record. They aren’t total hacks, but reporting on the supply chain is somewhat like reading tea leaves. Add in the fact that they tend to reach for conclusions based on what they see and you have a lot of room for error.

The bigger concern for me is that Digitimes is out of their lane here. This isn’t their typical supply chain reporting. This news is based on what they think they know about Apple staffing moves. Thanks, but no thanks. Major tech sites and blogs based here in the US have had enough trouble getting this information right. Even when they do, the reasons why staffing moves are made aren’t always clear. Trying to guess Apple’s motives is a great way to end up in the ditch.

As an example, the Internet has declared Apple’s Project Titan automotive initiative dead and gone not once, but twice now. We know they were wrong the first time. While the project likely did undergo a shift in management and direction, it continued on and grew over time. Similar reports came up again a few months ago after more reported staffing shifts, but there has been no confirmation of a end to the project since, leading me to believe that the latest round of staffing moves were simply misinterpreted yet again.

The second strike here is that, at least so far, we don’t have any confirmation of this report from more trustworthy sources. If reliable leaks of Apple cancelling this project were really out there, this wouldn’t have been the only report covering it. Even though this story is less than a day old, this still holds true because Apple cancelling a potentially huge project would be a major story across the tech press. This makes me more skeptical of the Digitimes story than anything else.

Based on the above, my advice is to not put too much stock into this Digitimes report yet. If more sources come forward, then it will be worth paying attention to, but there are just too many red flags here to take this story at face value today. And even if we find out that there have been some staffing shifts related to this project, remember that such news doesn’t automatically mean that Apple’s AR Glasses project has been cancelled or delayed. Bigger and better sites have guessed and been wrong when it comes interpreting Apple staffing changes.


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