eWallet for Mac Launched

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eWallet for Mac is available as of today.  This has been a long while coming and will be a real sight for sore eyes for a lot of fans of eWallet.  For those who don’t know the app, it is one of the leading secure password manager apps on the iPhone and across a number of mobile platforms. 

It is hugely well-respected, has won numerous awards for best app in its category, and is a feature-packed wallet application.  It’s one big missing piece until today (for those of us who use a Mac) was the lack of a Mac desktop client – and I’m very happy to see that can now be crossed off the eWallet wish list.

I’ve had a chance to check the app out and it works well.  If you’ve used eWallet, you’ll feel comfortable with the Mac client straight away – as the UI is very similar.  As those familiar with the app would expect, you can do some great custom card design in the Mac client.

There are a few things that feel like a first version in the Mac app, as is to be expected.  For instance, when editing a card’s properties hitting the Tab key does not move you straight to the next field – instead it jumps all the way down to card / field properties at the bottom of the page and then (on a second press of Tab) back over to the main window and completely away from the Properties pane.

WiFi sync options are decent – allowing for sync between PCs, and to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).  Syncing between Mac and iPhone (or other iOS devices) is a little awkward right now though.  You have to ask it to sync at both sides (on both the Mac and the iPhone) – i.e you cannot invoke sync from just one device, so you need to be within touching distance of both your Mac and your iDevice in order to sync.  This is for security related reasons, but it still needs work in my opinion for the sake of user convenience.

There are also a couple of notable things missing from this first version – the ability to import an existing wallet from another password manager app, and over-the-air sync.  I’ve spoken with Ilium Software (the app’s developers) and they tell me that an import capability is planned for the next update of the app, and that OTA sync is also something they are looking at.

For full details on eWallet for Mac and where to get it, check out this article at the Ilium Software blog:


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