Fireworks on the iPad

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Today is Independence Day here in the US of A – a great day for relaxing and taking in fireworks shows.  Even on the iPad it turns out.

There’s an app for just about everything in the App Store as we all know, so of course there are some that will help you enjoy Independence Day.  TUAW has some good suggestions in their post HERE – including a big grilling guide for those who are aiming to be BBQ masters today.

My daughter Zoe and I had a quick look around for some apps to get us in the mood for fireworks later on.  She was kind enough to provide a quick video demo of our favorite one, called iLoveFireworks.  It’s very good fun – you just touch the screen to create very real looking fireworks, and it makes great use of multitouch so you can touch 10 spots on the screen at once and see explosions everywhere you’re touching.

Check out the video above, and give iLoveFireworks a look in the APP Store if you’re interested – there’s a Lite (free) version and a full version for $0.99.

Hope all of you in the US (or anywhere else) have a great day grilling and chilling …

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