First Movie Edited Entirely on an iPad 2 Created within 24 Hours of iPad 2 Release

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Here’s a very cool iPad 2 launch weekend story, featuring (what its producers claim to be) the first movie edited entirely in iMovie on the shiny new Apple tablet. Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James from Majek Pictures lined up to get the iPad 2 and then created this movie within 24 hours using only iOS devices for shooting and editing.

Here’s more detail on their efforts, from the story at Venture Beat:

Taking that as a challenge, the folks at indie film maker Majek Pictures created what they say is the first movie edited on iPad 2 with iMovie.

This movie, which is actually a short episode within a longer story, is professionally shot and edited by Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James — entirely with iOS devices (iPhone 4 and the iPad 2). It is an episode from the ongoing Goldilocks mobile series films, which are meant to be viewed on mobile devices such as the iPhone 4, and, now, the iPad 2. The Goldilocks series, about a former secret agent who is forced back into service when an international secret falls into the wrong hands, was started on fall and it is distributed via the Majek app.

And here are links to watch the movie at YouTube and Vimeo.

Another shining example of iPad as just a pure consumption device eh? Smile

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