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SquareTrade iPad warranty

I’ve been very impressed with the ‘extra mile’ warranty coverage offered by SquareTrade ever since I first heard details on the company and its offerings.  The very short story is that for iPad and iPhone users, they cover all the major accidental damage sort of things that Apple doesn’t, and at very attractive prices.

I did not get a chance to cover my iPhone 3GS with SquareTrade because I only learned about them when too much time had passed since I purchased it to be eligible for coverage – but yesterday I got my iPad covered for two years by SquareTrade, for just under $90 (pre-tax) and I’m very happy to have got that done.

My iPad is covered by the standard Apple one-year warranty of course.  Here’s why I am happy to have the additional SquareTrade coverage:

— It covers Accidental Damage like drops, accidents, water damage (which Apple does not).

— It gives me a second year of coverage at a lower rate than the AppleCare extended warranty packages, and with the accidental damage cover still included.

— They’ll often do reimbursements of the full cost of a new iPad if they deem it unrepairable and within their coverage boundaries. 

Buying the SquareTrade warranty was an easy and pleasant experience as well.  I called in to their 800 number (and never mentioned being a blogger or anything like that of course), and got it all done and dusted in around 10 minutes.  Here are some quick notes on the experience and the coverage:

— Firstly a quick shout out to Rasheed who helped me yesterday.  Very professional and pleasant to deal with, and got me all sorted quickly – right down to an email receipt before we hung up.

— All I had to provide during the call was my name, a phone number, email address, and shipping address, and an emailed copy of my iPad purchase receipt (easy since Apple’s store sent me that on the day of purchase).

— Coverage includes electrical and mechanical failures, as well as accidental damage.

— Coverage does not include software issues, loss or theft.

— Warranty period begins 30 days after purchase (I assume to keep any pre-existing conditions excluded).

All in all, an excellent service and a level of cover that I haven’t seen offered anywhere else, and at a good price.

I’m happy to recommend SquareTrade – and also happy to say we’ll soon be holding a little contest to giveaway a 100% free iPad warranty from them!

*** Disclosure: We run affiliate ads on our sidebar at our sister iPhone site and will do here at some point. We do that because I honestly think they offer the best ‘Covers the parts Apple Won’t’ sort of cover for the iPhone that I’ve come across anywhere.

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9 thoughts on “Got My iPad Fully Covered Now”

    1. In what way is it a rip-off? In costing less than others offered? In providing cover that Apple's first year and extended plans don't? In being one of or the only option to cover accidental damage for iPhones and iPads? Would love to hear what you're basing that on.

  1. seems like a good deal to me, especially with the water damage and accidental drop coverage.

  2. I admittedly used to be VERY skeptical of them. I bought a 5.5g video iPod from eBay some years back. The seller offered me a $15 or close to it for a "warranty" from this company I never heard of. For some reason I decided to try it and I am glad I did. About 6 months later the iPod was running a little slow in between menus and the battery life was only about 60% of when I bought it. So, I called Apple. They advised me to buy new and told me diagnostics alone would cost (fading memory here, but it was more than what I paid for SquareTrade warranty).

    So I called SquareTrade. Send it to us for free they told me. They set up the shipping and I sent them my iPod. A few days later they sent an e-mail and by the end of the week I had a check in my mailbox. That check nearly covered the cost of a brand new 6g iPod (technology comes down over time). They process was painless and they were professional and helpful.

    Since then, I've added SquareTrade to all mobile equipment I bought. Am I clumsy or break stuff? No, but I know this is future proofing for reselling.

    The new iPhone will be out in a couple of weeks. How much is my 3GS worth? Well its insured through SquareTrade for $500.00, so come auction time I'll at least get that much. Well what if I could get $500 anyway? I can actually get a refund for the extra year I didn't use, and in the meantime I had peace of mind that my favorite gadget is covered in the event of virtually anything.

    I have a brand new 64gb 3g iPad, and NO I don't want Apple Care and Yes, I am doing business with SquareTrade.

    P.S. I am a psychologist, so I have no financial interests here, except my own.

  3. Thanks for the review, Patrick.

    Although you posted it yesterday, today the price for 2 years of coverage is now $96. Weird..
    I wonder if your coverage (and possible boost in traffic) prompted the price raise?

    Anyhow, definitely made me consider this as an option, and I might do it if I can scrounge up the money.

    1. My pleasure. I'm glad I was able to put my money where my mouth (or at least keyboard fingers) had been before on SquareTrade.

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