Hooked – on We Rule on the iPad

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We Rule for iPad

Yup, i have to admit it – I am now well and truly hooked on the We Rule game on the iPad.

This is not the type of game I normally like at all.  My daughter persuaded me to try it out, and coached me on how to play and get through the first few levels.  She plays on her Touch and my wife is playing as well on her iPhone – and it’s all getting quite competitive and obsessive now. 

Here’s an even crazier admission – I’m thinking of enabling push notifications for the game!


A couple days back my daughter had to cajole me into playing the game ‘together’ – now I find it’s me who picks her up at school and the first thing out of my mouth is ‘I’m on Level 11!’.

Anybody else playing We Rule, getting hooked on it?  If you aren’t yet, but want to be, you can find the app in the App Store now – and it’s free.

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10 thoughts on “Hooked – on We Rule on the iPad”

  1. What, no iTunes link? I mean, I found it, but it would have been nice to just click to the game rather than have to close Safari, open the App Store, and type it in. Just sayin!

  2. I am completely addicted to this game… also, love the fact that its freemium… dont have to spend money to play the full game.

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