I got an iPad. Now what? First thoughts.

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“Beautiful!” I thought to myself as I started slowly and deliberately opening the iPad box when I finally got home from work. Twasn’t easy distracting myself all day knowing that my shiny new toy was waiting for me at home. But finally! Here we are. Seems smaller in real life. Smooth. Solid.

OK let’s get this party started. Not much inside the box. Sigh! It used to be such an experience just opening the box to a new Apple product. Much less wow now. No real goodies. Thank God for the charger – I do keep on losing those. I’d love one of those black microfaser slip cases they used to ship with the iPod. If I touch it will it smudge? I’ll take that as a yes. But you make me want to touch you, dontcha. Can’t-re-sist-touch-ing-you.

Alright it’s on. Activated sim card – that was easy. How do I disable the sim code? Damn can’t find it – put that on the leave-for-later list. It’s found our home network, great, enter password. Wonderful, surfing. Ok, basic apps, seen it all before. Very iPhone-like. I take a quick tour. Mail looks nice, as does the Calendar. iTunes want me to register, no later pls – do I want to sync all apps? Yes I guess. It starts. Big mistake! it’s putting all iPhone apps onto the iPad – this will take forever. It does. Oh well, while it’s busy with that… Oh how on earth am I supposed to hold this thing without getting my fingers… Swish, swipe. Ok lay me down on the chair. Updates available. Fine by me. Name? Easy. Lemme sync calendars and mail accounts. No, adding music or movies is too overwhelming for now. Gotta wrap my head around having another media gadget wanting to hold all kinds of goodness. How to decide where to put my podcasts now? iPod, iPhone or iPad? Damn you Apple for creating such geeky problems I never knew I’d have.

Ok let’s sync audio and video podcasts just to see how… Oh wait iTunes… OK I’ll register if you insist. Yes I have an account. Ok, let’s get rid of these iPhone apps, but which ones to erase? Let get rid of those iPhone-only ones. Didn’t realize I had so many. Ah so THAT’s how my video podcasts look, ok definitely going with the iPad for those. Registering failing again for some reason. I’m reeeally itching to change that wallpaper, those scratches on the image freak me out…ooh typing on this thing is cool. Orientation lock is quite handy. Oh is there no volume off button like on the iPhone? Pity. How AM I going to use this thing? Ok only 2 app screens, where are the folders…ah right…coming to iPad in iOS4. Gotcha. Multitasking too. No problem. I NEED A CASE FOR THIS PRONTO. Pity I can’t make up my mind which. Ok easiest way to get my wallpaper… might as well send it by email. Worked! Looking good! Starting to feel right at home here.

Ok what else. What? Time to go? Time to go to a meeting with friends? Can I take him with me? Looking frantically for a microfaser cloth to wrap it in for the time being. Lap reading is pleasant, oh is that my friend coming over to check out my iPad, moving towards Andy and I with swift purposeful strides? (Andy discreetly brings his iPad to safety, out of harm’s way) “What’s that – an iPad?” I had expected a “May I touch it…?” None came. Already his sweaty fingers were soiling the display. “My Precious!” I wanted to cry out. I grin and bore it, smiling politely and answering the Questions. How much did it cost? How big is it? Can you surf? Is Word on it? Can you phone on it? Great. This is price you pay for being an early adopter, people coming over and taking it over. Touching it! Just like the iPhone all over again. Or the iPod. Apple should be paying me bigtime for all this ambassadorship. Ok, time to go bye-bye in my bag. I’ll play with you later. Can’t wait!

Mindstream typed on an iPad, fingerprints et al, using Evernote.

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One thought on “I got an iPad. Now what? First thoughts.”

  1. rofl!! This hilarious!! I’ve had my “Beloved ‘Pad” for 5 wks now and I treat it just like I did when I brought my kids home from the hospital as newborn babies lol!

    I can SOOOOO relate to this article :-)

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