If iPad Sales Are Counted, Apple is PC Market Leader in US

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Philip Elmer-DeWitt on a report by Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore:

Exclude the iPad, and Apple’s PC sales grew 24% year-over-year. Include them, and Apple’s unit sales soared roughly 250%. By comparison, Hewlett-Packard grew 3% year-over-year and Dell units fell 5%.

When the iPad is part of the mix, Apple’s share of the U.S. PC market is about 25%. That makes it the market leader, having gained a remarkable 18 points in the space of two quarters.

We already knew that iPads outsold Macs in Apple’s most recently reported financial quarter; now we can also see what a massive impact iPad sales are having on Apple’s overall position as a PC manufacturer.

Given that computing as a whole is shifting more and more towards mobile, I wonder when devices like the iPad will start to be counted in the PC sales category.

Via: Daring Fireball

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  1. Or perhaps… they'll simply start talking about the tablet market and the PC market will be an "also ran"….

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