If You’re Trying to Steal an iPad, It Shouldn’t Belong to This Guy

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Image Source: sporting-heroes.net

If you’re going to try to steal an iPad, you really shouldn’t pick one that belongs to Will Carling. Two quick reasons for that:

— He’s a former England rugby captain, and not at all the sort of guy you’d want to have to answer to if caught in the act.

— He know how to use MobileMe’s Find My iPad feature, so the chances are good you will be caught.

And that’s exactly what happened when Carling left his iPad on a train this week. The Telegraph has the story of how Carling successfully tracked down the would-be thief and was reunited with his iPad. I’m betting that’s one thief who was wishing for a very swift handover to the police.

Source: The Telegraph via TUAW

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2 thoughts on “If You’re Trying to Steal an iPad, It Shouldn’t Belong to This Guy”

  1. He didn’t bump into the thief. Apparently the iPad found it’s way to a police station while he was tracking it (and the thief). He posted updates on twitter as he went along.

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