In Search of the Perfect Pants Pocket for an iPad?

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Ah, aren’t the interwebz great. The fine folks over at the Tactical Pants Blog (which hopefully has a sister site called the Strategic Skirts Blog) have done a roundup of options for those seeking to carry their iPad 2 in the pockets of tactical pants.

They run through a few makes of tactical pants and review how well (or badly) the iPad 2 can be housed in rear, front, or side pockets.

Honestly none of these strike me as great everyday solutions, but some look viable in a pinch.

The other big question here of course is do you want to be carrying your iPad 2 around in your pants, tactical or not? I already find iPhone, keys, and wallet a bit cumbersome in pants or shorts pockets – I really can’t say I’ve ever had a big urge to have my iPad added to the mix.

How about you – have you been desperately seeking pants to carry your iPad in?

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