iPad Apps for Little Ones – Jelly Bean Count

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jelly bean count


A friend told me about this app that she had used with her 4 year old called Jelly Bean Count.

She couldn’t fault it so I thought we must give it a go. The idea is that you count the jelly beans of each colour, then using your fingers tap on the matching coloured circle.

It requires that your child not only recognises colours, but also counts them and then counts their own fingers to match too. When you tap the circle with the right number of fingers, the jelly beans of that colour disappear and you complete each round by counting all the jelly beans up correctly.



It’s a very simple concept but works really well. At 3 years old, it is totally age appropriate for the little one. It’s not too easy but fun and encourages really good lessons around counting. She really enjoyed it and got a real sense of achievement from making the beans disappear and completing a round.

This app is free so I suggest if you have young kids you get it now!

Here’s an App Store link for Jelly Bean Count.

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