iPad Apps for The Little Ones: Punflay Apps

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I have been chatting to @punflaykids on Twitter for a while now. We often say good morning to each other (despite being in different parts of the world) and have a little chat.

Then one day I did a review for this site and updated my own list of recommended apps on my blog and Punflay tweeted me to say “Oh, you review iPad apps, do you fancy looking at some of ours”

“Sure” I answered and headed off to their website to check out what they had.

Wow. These guys really have a lot of very interesting looking apps. I immediately went back with a shopping list of apps for the little one and they sent me a few codes.

Let me just start by saying that these apps are brilliant. They are very close to Duck Duck Moose in being the best apps I have seen for my daughter. She has not stopped playing them since I downloaded them. The thing I love is that, as well as being fun, they are very educational, covering spelling, numbers, shapes, rhyming and spacial concepts like up and down. Within each app there are also different levels so the little one is able to do some fun games (spotting shapes, joining the dots by selecting the next number in sequence, up and down) but some will require her to be a little older (find the rhyming words).

So let me start with the first app “Rhymes for Tots”


We got this one first because my daughter is obsessed with Humpty Dumpty. There are 3 different nursery rhymes in it right now (I am sure there will be more). You can either play the nursery rhyme (yep she did that again and again with Humpty!) and it plays the rhyme with the music and some nice animations. Or you can go to any of the games that relate to that rhyme. This is where you have options like joining the dots, putting together a jigsaw, finding a shape etc. I’m sorry to say “etc” but the content of this app is so rich I couldn’t possibly explain it all to you! Let me share a few shots of my daughter, totally absorbed by this app



She has been constantly asking for the iPad to play with since we downloaded this app and I love the fact that I can see her learning as she plays.

Price: $0.99

App Store link for Rhymes for Tots

The second app is  “Word Wall HD”


This, as the name suggests is a word based application. It covers spelling and letters in simple and easy to understand ways. Again, there are lots of little games and there are different levels in the app, some of which are great for a 3 year old and some are too advanced right now.

In many of the games you drag letters and match letters and this is great for the little one. There are card matching games where you match animals to their homes, jigsaws where you make the picture and form the word at the same time etc. Again, this is such a rich and deep app that I can’t possibly do it justice in a review. All I can say is that you should definitely get it. I can see her reading coming on in massive leaps as she plays with this app. As an interesting note, I have had a few friends ask what I have done with the little one to help her get so advanced with her reading. In part, it’s because we love books in this house and she has hundreds of her own (yes 100’s!) but in the main I really feel it is down to apps like this on the iPad where she can pace her own learning and practice without needing writing skills.

Once more here are a few photo’s of her being totally absorbed in learning




This is another of Punflay’s must have apps.

Price: $0.99

App Store link for Word Wall HD

The last app I got was “Eek and Slow"


This is the least content-rich of the 3 apps that I looked at. At first I really didn’t rate it but the little one really enjoys it and once more, she showed me that I am just an adult and I know nothing.

It is a simple story. The words of the story are spoken by a soft female voice. On each screen you can move Eek or Slow (a worm and a snail) and some other character. It is all about learning Up and Down. Each screen something moves up and/or down.

That is all there is to the app. Which is why I was not impressed. But is is really well put together and the little one loved moving things up and down, and easily navigated between screens. She would get to the end and start all over again. Whilst she already knew the difference between up and down, I think that this really solidified that learning. Surprised though I am to be saying this, I would recommend this app too.

Price: $0.99

App Store link for Eek and Slow

Punflay seem to have apps for kids of all ages. From my experience of these 3 I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and having them right there at the top of my list of must-have apps for kids.

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