iPad As Drawing Pad and ‘Universal Machine’

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David Hockney iPad art

David Hockney – one of Britain’s most acclaimed and accomplished artists – is now creating art on the iPad. Last year Hockney adopted the iPhone as his primary canvas for new art, and this year he has graduated to the iPhone’s new big brother.

London’s Evening Standard newspaper has a great article up reporting on Hockney’s engagement with the iPad, and his views on the device are very interesting.

Hockney’s views on the iPad include thoughts on how it may be helping traditional drawing to make a comeback …

He sees the latest hi-tech gadgetry as a way for traditional drawing, using the hand, to make a comeback. On one email/drawing he created this week he writes: “It is thought that new technology is taking away the hand (I’m not so sure). If you look around a lot is opening up.”

An obvious reason why it trumps the iPhone for his purposes …

“What makes the iPad better than the iPhone is its larger size. The iPhone was more about the relationship between the hand and the ear whereas this is all about the hand and the eye and makes for far better co-ordination.”

And a great take on the iPad overall …

He told the Standard: “The iPad is far more subtle, in fact it really is like a drawing pad. They will sell by the million. It will change the way we look at everything from reading newspapers to the drawing pad.

“It can be anything you want it to be. This is the nearest we have got to seeing what I would call a universal machine.

* emphasis above is mine

Hockney iPad art

I’ve been fascinated with the amazing work artists have been doing on the iPhone OS for a long while now, and I believe the iPad is going to take that art to an even greater level.  Those who have embraced the iPhone OS in their work range from beginners to some of the world’s most recognized and accomplished artists.

If you’d like to see some of the incredible work being done by iPhone and iPad artists, just got to Flickr and do a search for Brushes, or iPhone art – or better still, take a look at our baby sister site here:


Sources: Evening Standard, Switched on Art – via Gizmodo

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