iPad at Work – Creating Incredibly Beautiful Art

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I’ve mentioned some of the work being done by renowned artists like David Hockney on iPads and iPhones here before. I find myself continually astounded at the beautiful working being done by ‘fingerpainters’ (their term, not mine) on the iPad and iPhone.

Images like the one shown above, ‘Autumn Tints’ by Yoshiyuki Uchida, are just stunning to me. So I thought I’d do a quick little post to say if you haven’t already checked out our little ‘baby sister’ site, Just iPhone Art, you might want to give it a look – here: http://justiphoneart.com/

It’s full of amazing paintings and drawings created on apps like Brushes on iPads and iPhones. You can also just go to Flickr and search for Brushes galleries, iPad art, and fingerpainters. If you enjoy art, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised (or shocked even) by the artwork being created on these new digital canvases.

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