iPad Earning its Keep Today

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image2007448685.jpgI’ll be putting my iPad to work a little harder today than originally planned. Things went from bad to worse for my MacBook yesterday following my horrendous experience with the iDisplay app. Long story short, ended up needing to do a full system restore – and the MacBook now completely fails to boot.

So until I get a chance to take my MacBook in for a Genius appointment this afternoon, I’ll be posting from the iPad.

The iPad seems more than capable of being a great tool for blogging and getting most of my work done today. The biggest obstacle to that is the lack of a really good blogging app (for iPhone or iPad). The three I’ve been trying are iBlogger, WordPress, and Blogpress. Sadly, all of them have some big flaws – things like inability to add a Read More break, no easy way to choose where an image goes, and (in the case of Blogpress) a bizarre posting time bug.

Anyway, I’m hoping one or more of these apps will serve the iPad and I well today. If any of you have a suggestion for a good blogging app for the iPad, please share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “iPad Earning its Keep Today”

  1. Not necessarily a fan, but I find I use WordPress the most. WordPress has a 'Read More" break. Look for the icon that looks like unclosed rectangles. The tooltip will say "Insert More Tag."

    Heard that BlogPress is probably the best as far as features and fexibility.

    Do you have an external keyboard? How is it?
    I love the iPad but found typing on it is not the same as a full size keyboard. I would love to not have to take anything extra with me as I drag the iPad everywhere I go.

    1. I don't see that icon in the iPad app. It's very crash-prone so far in my few brief tries with it. Prefer iBlogger so far. I have an Apple Bluetooth keyboard that works quite nicely with the iPad – but i worked all day today with just the virtual keyboard, and didn't mind it.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Macbook Patrick but it will give you more of a chance to put iVan to good use.
    I hope the wordpress app gets updated soon as I really think I would use it quite alot to blog.

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