iPad Giveaway Contest at everythingiCafe – Win a Free iPad

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everythingiCafe is my favorite iPhone forum site, and has been for a very long time.  It’s a great place to get troubleshooting advice on an iPhone problem, and to discuss all sorts of iPhone-related topics (and even plenty of off-topic stuff).

EIC is covering the iPad as well now – and they’ve got a great giveaway contest going – where you have a chance to win a free 16GB iPad.

Entering for a chance to win is very easy – you basically just need to be a member at EIC (new or existing), have an avatar, and make 5 quality posts between now and March 31st. 

A winner will be chosen on or around April 1st.  Head on over here to get yourself in with a chance to win yourself an iPad, and to enjoy the lovely EIC community:


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3 thoughts on “iPad Giveaway Contest at everythingiCafe – Win a Free iPad”

  1. Very clever. Of course, there's nothing to prevent
    everythingiCafe from arranging with (global-reach)
    Apple Store that a POTENTIAL winner from outside
    the US be sent an iPad unit from winner's sales
    "jurisdiction." It doesn't have to be shipped from
    the US – so blaming it on Apple doesn't wash.
    Where there is a will…..

    > Is this contest open to members outside of the US?

    > Unfortunately, the contest is open to members within
    > the US. This is due to shipping restrictions that only
    > allow us to send an Apple product within the US.

    1. You may be right, I'm not sure – but to be fair I know from first-hand experience that Apple makes it frighteningly difficult to do anything with gifts / promo codes etc to outside the US, from a US-based account.

    2. My apologies for limiting the contest to the US residents. Unfortunately, we do not have any contacts with Apple. As Patrick mentioned, it's difficult to do anything with promotions from either the iTunes or the Apple Store outside of the US.

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