iPad in the Kitchen, With No Risk of Food Stains

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Here’s a way to have a little bit of iPad in your kitchen, without risking horrific cooking-related damage to your magical device. This iPad-styled cutting board looks like it has seen some damage, with some home screen icons and dock icons perhaps getting cut off while somebody was chopping vegetables.

These go for about $20. If they look like just the thing you need in your kitchen, or a perfect gift for an iPad fanatic friend, you can see more detail and place orders here: http://mybrett.de/

Spotted Via: TUAW

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One thought on “iPad in the Kitchen, With No Risk of Food Stains”

  1. My wife uses her iPad along with the Epicurious and BigOven apps for recipes in the kitchen. She just props it up in portrait mode in it's case, off to the side, it's not really that hard to keep it out of the mess. I also got here a Pogo stylus so that she can work the screen without getting flour, etc, all over it.

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