iPad Is Like the Beatles 2010?

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So there’s a comparison that says ‘massive hit’ right away.  The iPad is being compared to the Beatles – which brings to mind a group that took the US by storm back in the 60’s. The comparison is offered by a Wired Magazine writer and quoted in a CBSNews.com story today:

The iPad is like the Beatles of 2010," said Steven Levy, senior writer of Wired Magazine. "It takes something that we thought we knew and makes it seem fresh.

Here’s a little more of what Levy had to say:

Levy says the brilliance of the iPad is that it makes the computer disappear.

"You don’t think ‘computer’ when you use it," he said. "You just do the task you want to do."

Want to read a book? The iPad becomes a book. Want to read a newspaper? The iPad becomes a newspaper.

Good stuff.  This certainly is one of the iPad’s biggest strengths.  It’s going to be the perfect computer for lots of folks who have up to now hated computers.

Via: CBSNews.com

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